Trying to get motivated...

I have been having a hard time picking myself up and getting motivated every day. I feel like there are just not enough hours in the day! I can't even bring myself to sit down and blog... I wonder what's going on?? ミ●﹏☉ミ

Even though I am a poor example of showing how to get motivated (since I'm having so much trouble myself!) I thought I'd share one of my hobbies that gets me the most motivated!! Cooking!

After moving into my new apartment right by the bay, I made it a point to eat dinner outside with my boyfriend every night. We are both so busy with studying, dinnertime is that time of the day where we can sit down and unwind a bit and talk. And it's even more fun to cook something really nice and meaningful when we do~ Both of us team up and make dinner together, and here are the results of our efforts.



After attending Indy GenCon this past weekend, I have had a lot of requests to be added as a friend--but the problem is, I tend to keep my personal Facebook to just IRL friends and coworkers. For this reason, I went ahead and made a Facebook fanpage for this blog and my online "persona," for lack of a better word, so people can stay in the loop their own way. Apparently Facebook is pretty much a necessity nowadays, and I always want to stay in touch with the people I meet through conventions!

Please click through the photo below to be redirected to my brand new Facebook page! Feel free to ask me questions or fuel a discussion--I currently have a post about femininity and empowerment up on the page and would love to see what everyone can contribute to the discussion.

Although this blog has mostly been about webstore reviews and fashion-related finds, I definitely want to make sure that my initial passion also comes across--I am very much into activism and eradicating the unbalanced power dynamics that are so prevalent in (especially) American society. Hopefully my Facebook can get that across more.


Salopette Madness + Dearie Review

Whew, I just got back from a crazy busy trip in Indiana! I attended GenCon for business-related stuff (I will totally blog about that later), and just wanted to write a bit about my newest obsession and show off a couple of pictures of my new rescue, Sora!

Hype this look HERE if you like what you see!


Follow-up on Palty Dye+Root Touch-up Bleach!

Lately my schedule has been fantastic after adopting a new dog (I'll do a post about her soon enough), since she wakes me up right at 7 am (much to my boyfriend's dismay). I'll probably post updates super early in the morning now so I can have the rest of the day to study for my LSAT and run errands. =)

Today, I'm going to continue my previous review about Palty Milk Tea Brown dye--as well as one of their other products, root touch-up bleach! (Excuse the iPhone photos, ALL of my cameras batteries ran out at the same time, so I had to make do with what I have.) These photos have not been edited at all except to add watermark.


Life and sunsets are forever short.

Sorry for the lack of posting lately, a lot has gone on in my life lately, and it has taken me a long time to sit down and say something about it here.

On July 25th, 2012, I lost my beloved dog, Star. We've been together for the past 11 years, and she was pretty much a stand-in sister for me since I never had siblings. She passed away quickly and without suffering, but it doesn't lessen the hurt.

I happened to be in Maryland when I heard she was sick, so I took the first flight I could back home, only to hear from my mother that she had died a couple of hours before my flight left. The next day, I saw her body, and I sobbed pretty much constantly for a whole week. The pain is still there, but the tears have stopped.

This it he worst case of unrequited love I have ever experienced.

I have really turned inwards since her loss.

The day of her death, I took some quick photographs of the sun setting on her last day. Life is short, just like the amount of time it takes for the sun to fall behind the horizon.
I miss Star every day, and I know she is now shining brightly in the sky above me if she has not been given new life in a new form. She was pure-hearted and returned all the love I gave her, with interest. She never judged me or did anything to wrong me, she just gave me all her support.