Photography and Harassment + Pokémon Inspiration

Today, my post is going to be much more serious-faced. As a prospective law student I do have interest in the scope of the law in the U.S., as well as using it to both educate myself and those around me. Don't worry, there's going to be a bit of fashion sprinkled in as well. =D Check out the look I wore a couple of days ago (and it's on topic as well, since this was the outfit I was wearing during the incident).

Generally, as someone who dresses in alternative fashions about two-three times a week, I'm usually used to the attention--negative or otherwise--that comes along with it. Being called names or teased is one thing, but one issue I have particular trouble with is being photographed without permission or knowledge that it is happening. I've been wearing alternative fashions since I was in high school, but the past 5 years have probably been the busiest for me in terms of gaining experience.

I thought I'd give some advice on how to deal with it, and also speak about my most recent horror story.


Hello Kitty meet-up + Kendallicious K Phone Case Review!

This is super picture heavy by the way, so don't say I didn't warn you. ;D

I went to my first lolita meet-up in about two and a half years and met a lot of awesome new girls and a couple of older acquaintances I met through the fashion! I had no idea the community in my area was so large, hopefully we can get together more in the future. I'm putting this under the "travel" tag because I did have to go an hour for this meet-up and I'd never been there before. Bwehehe--plus, with my lack of courage when it comes to driving, going an hour away on my own is like flying to the Bahamas for some reason.


Daily Make+Skincare

As someone who is still very much the tomboy she was in high school, I have a hard time justifying wearing copious amounts of make-up in most situations. I generally feel like make-up feels really heavy on my face, or just plain old takes too long. So, in the past couple years, as my experience with make-up and the number of products I have tried has grown, I finally think I found a morning routine that is perfect for my skin type.

Of course, what I am about to say will not work for everyone, but hopefully I can provide tips that can put you on the right path to finding that bliss that is an easy-to-manage morning routine.

My skin is combination oily/normal--although since I live in a place with high humidity, when I go to someplace that is dryer my skin tends to dry out a bit around the lips. But because I live in such a humid climate, my skin care routine is super light and doesn't make you feel like you already starting sweating!


Extra Life 2012!

Some of you may have noticed that there are a lot of new widgets and stuff popping up on my Blogspot, but I just added the most important one of all.

See the one that looks like a thermometer? That's my fundraising widget for an awesome event called "Extra Life."

Just in case, here's a photo of it anyways (it looks so depressing at $0!!):

For those of you who are not familiar with it, it is a gaming marathon event where awesome volunteers sit down and play video games for 24 hours straight and try and get people to sponsor them. Please take some time out to read about my pledge and even donate a couple dollars. Every cent helps children with life-threatening illnesses!

I'm hoping to broadcast my marathon on Livestream and get to know some other bloggers better through the whole process. Hope you all join me!

Right now I'm thinking of doing a speedrun of Kingdom Hearts (featuring my half-awake uncanny English Dub Sanji impersonations) and goofing off on Trauma Team. I also may play some Tabletop RPG's with some friends as well.

I've done a horrible job raising money in the past mainly because I focused on collecting cash donations versus donations that can be seen through the website, so I want to change that this year!

Here is a link to my donation page as well!

Also, if people start donating money, I will host a giveaway if I meet double my goal amount. Right now my goal is $100, but if you help me get to $200, a great surprise is in store! I'm hoping to post more details once I get my hands on the merchandise soon enough. =)


Getting my hands dirty again...

It's been a long time since I worked with some traditional mediums. I cracked open my recycled paper sketchbook, some white charcoal, and my nearly decade old Copic markers and doodled something. It was great fun to get warmed up for commissions (which I am opening up soon). If you're interested, leave me a comment or message me on my Facebook page. =)


日本ツインテール協会 + Japonica Market Review

Hello everyone! Long time no update. As you can see, I've finally upgraded my blog to the new platform, but I haven't quite gotten around to completely finalising the layout. Soon!!

This time I'm updating about a slightly weebish purchase of mine, merchandise from Japan Twintail Association! I remember one of my close friends who transferred from Japan would always beg me to wear twintails with all of my outfits, and at first I had no idea what she meant by "twintails." Found out later that's just a term for two pigtails, haha! Ever since then I always like to stalk the "twintail" tag on Pixiv and look at the cute artwork--you'd be surprised how many featured really great drawings of outfits I wanted to put together!