All About Tea! + 3:15PM Milk Tea Review!

Today I thought I would do something a little different since I'm still exhausted from my flight back home from California. My first day back was filled with good news, but incredibly busy!! I officially received my Driver's License!!

But that's beside the point. While I was in California, I tried many different kinds of bubble tea. For those of you who don't know what it is, it is either smoothies, flavoured milk teas, tea smoothies etc. that come with chewy little tapioca pearls at the bottom. Since it's eruption into popularity, many other alternatives to the traditional tapioca pearl came about., so now I rarely get the familiar black pearl, but different kinds of jellies and add-ons. Here are my top three favourites in order of me trying them.


Cawaii Wishlist + Two Photos from London!

Thanks to Zeruda, I am now completely hooked on the mori-girl look of Rakuten-based store Cawaii! The look and feel of the clothes is just so comfortable and really reminds me of the kinds of clothes Momoko Tokyo sold. Here are some photos of the store front and the inside that I took while I was there this past March in London~

It was an absolutely gorgeous store filled to the brim with soft colours.


Tonnes of Face Masks!

If there is one thing I desperately rely on, it is face masks. Ever since I went to a luxury spa last spring and spoke to the masseuse who gave me an amazing facial for combatting break-outs, I have since started to use a mask every weekend to keep my skin clear and taut. They are great for people fighting wrinkles, fighting acne, or just wanting their face to be brightened. I wish I had my own personal photos for most of the products used, but alas, over the past year and a half I have gone through so many different kinds, and I may not even recall some of them. Here is a list, roughly ordered from favourite to least favourite.

Keep in mind that these are the products that work best for my skin and everyone should figure out what works for them. I have combination skin and I break out mostly on my forehead and cheek bones. My forehead breakouts are usually credited to having bangs--but the ones on my cheek bones usually come from the natural hormone changes a woman goes through every month. I normally do not have a severe acne problem--and I also do not have dry skin on my face, so those of you who are looking to this for solutions to those kinds of problems, please take what I say with a grain of salt. =)


I love DAISO!

I've been focusing on "cute-ing" up my living space~ These are some of the things I've collected on my travels this past year to make my bathroom a more adorable place to be in. I purchased a rabbit ear towel band to keep my hair back when I wash my face and a Rilakkuma contact lens case while I was in London earlier this year, and picked up a handy pink pumice and adorable "panda rabbit" bath sponge at Daiso this past week.


魔法少女 Crafts and Purchases! + KumaCrafts Review!

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Even though I've been trying to get into more adult type of styles, it looks like I always revert to a super cute, pastel-filled look when it comes to my purchases and what I like to decorate. I guess at the age that I'm at, I really enjoy reminiscing about the things I liked when I was a child, and that's why KumaCrafts was wonderful for making her Sailor Moon compact necklaces!! They are absolutely gorgeous~



What if everyone skipped at that intersection,
And we held hands and looked up at the sky in the center of that city?

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Thanks so much everyone for supporting me over here, hope to update soon!!


Palty Hair Bleach and Dye Review!

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As promised, I finally sat down and made a review for Palty products. I've always admired them from afar, but never trusted myself to be able to dye my own hair, so I continued to spend tonnes of money having my hair dyed at a salon. To cut corners I went to a Hair Institute, where students work on your hair, and was able to have my hair done for significantly cheaper. Sadly, the last time I went, I got someone very unfamiliar with my hair, and he ended up dying my hair back to its miserable black when I tried to have it re-toned. After getting a few quotes from hair salons that it would be nearly $300 to have it bleached and re-dyed again, I decided to just take the plunge and purchase the dyes and recruit my boyfriend to help me. I picked up Palty "Sparkling Blonde" Hair Bleach, and Palty "Milk Tea Brown" Hair Dye.