LBC: A Lolita Coordinate Based on a Constellation.

This week's Lolita Blog Carnival topic was one I was super excited to do--a coordinate based on a constellation! I wanted to make sure I used a dress I own (in this case, I have ordered and am just waiting on), so I did some digging for constellations visible to the naked eye that tend to come out around this time of year and settled on Cassiopeia. Cassiopeia is a gorgeous constellation that is supposed to represent the mythological Greek figure sitting on her throne, or some of the points on her crown.

Cassiopeia Coordinate


LBC: Your First Lolita Item.

Hello all!

I am incredibly jealous to see all the updates all over my Newsfeed from the Enchanted event! I wish I could have made it. Hopefully next year I will have more time to travel, since this year was spent stressing out over studies.

Again, I thought to use the Lolita Blog Carnival as a great way to keep my blog active and maintained. I'm going to have to change my blog layout soon... This one is very outdated.

Thinking about my first lolita item made me realise just how terrible I was as a beginner. I purchased everything in the wrong order, and my first few coordinates were absolutely terrible. I am not counting my first hand-made lolita dress, purse, or headdress as my first item since--aside from the headdress--not much is actually "lolita."

My first lolita (and brand) item was a parasol that I purchased from egl_comm_sales. It was one of my first online purchases, and if I remember correctly, I bought it for around $30 shipped at the time. I only have one photo of it that I dredged up from my abandoned Poupée account. (I heard the website is more or less dead now, that makes me so sad!)

I hope you don't mind the edited background--I took the photo in an incredibly dirty room that I am embarrassed to display haha. I'm not that much more organised these days, but at least I take time and effort to photograph my wardrobe now. =_=;;