LBC: Your First Lolita Item.

Hello all!

I am incredibly jealous to see all the updates all over my Newsfeed from the Enchanted event! I wish I could have made it. Hopefully next year I will have more time to travel, since this year was spent stressing out over studies.

Again, I thought to use the Lolita Blog Carnival as a great way to keep my blog active and maintained. I'm going to have to change my blog layout soon... This one is very outdated.

Thinking about my first lolita item made me realise just how terrible I was as a beginner. I purchased everything in the wrong order, and my first few coordinates were absolutely terrible. I am not counting my first hand-made lolita dress, purse, or headdress as my first item since--aside from the headdress--not much is actually "lolita."

My first lolita (and brand) item was a parasol that I purchased from egl_comm_sales. It was one of my first online purchases, and if I remember correctly, I bought it for around $30 shipped at the time. I only have one photo of it that I dredged up from my abandoned Poupée account. (I heard the website is more or less dead now, that makes me so sad!)

I hope you don't mind the edited background--I took the photo in an incredibly dirty room that I am embarrassed to display haha. I'm not that much more organised these days, but at least I take time and effort to photograph my wardrobe now. =_=;;

There's a funny story behind this parasol--what initially piqued my interest in lolita was Victorian Maiden's parasols. The dresses didn't really tickle my fancy (because at the time I was very stubborn about only getting things in cream and white with lots of frills), but their parasols immediately made me fall in love.

The frills, the shape, just everything pulled me in. Especially the fact that the inside of the parasol was just as gorgeous as the outside.

But for those of you who are familiar with Victorian Maiden, you'd also know that these parasols are nearly $200. For a 13-year-old, that was way out of my budget. So I started to hand-make some items here and there, and for some reason, despite living in one of the hottest places in the US, I even ordered a rabbit coat from Fan+Friend at some point.

I kept posting WTB's for parasols all over the comm_sales, and finally, someone offered to sell me theirs.

In the end, I have since replaced it with another Baby parasol I purchased during the Grand Opening of the BTSSB in San Francisco back in 2008. Since I couldn't carry two parasols with me on the plane ride back, I had a friend ship it back to me. Sadly, it wasn't packaged very well and arrived to me completely bent! Another friend who was just starting out in the fashion said she wouldn't mind trying to fix it, so I gave it to her and she was able to use it for sometime longer.

I discussed a bit more about the parasol I own currently here.

There you have it! A kind of long and rambly story about my first lolita item. This really made me nostalgic... My taste was so different back then, and I remember thinking I'd be wearing OTT sweet lolita until the end of time. Funny how times change.

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  1. Really cute parasol!
    That one that costs 200 is amazing :o But so expensive >n<

    1. Agreeed. I wish I could buy it. Maybe one day.

  2. I think I have that same parasol in white! And I wouldnt say poupee girl is totally dead, but its definetly slowed down. Ive been posting on there lately just so that I can have all of my clothes in like a virtual closet for ideas, but people hardly give sutekis or try to network anymore

    1. Oh wow, awesome!! I miss mine sometimes haha.

      From what I heard Poupee doesn't do new campaigns either?? =( Like apparently they haven't released a new item in a while--which is a real shame. =(

  3. Heh, well, you're definitely not the only one to get the items in a wrong order. My first item - an ugly as devil handmade headdress - was my very first item and I know by photograph evidence that I just paired it with whatever random goffficky stuff I already had... eye bleach please... -.-


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