LBC: The non-lolita style I have fallen in love with.

It has been a long time since I participated in a Lolita Blog Carnival, so I thought I'd enter once again! =) For those of you who do not know what LBC is, it's a group of blogs that try to post about the same topic on the same day, once a week! It's open to anyone who blogs about lolita relatively often, so feel free to join if you are interested! Check out our Facebook group!

This week's topic is "the non-lolita style I have fallen in love with." Truth be told, I pretty much dip my fingers in as many Japanese fashions as I can just because I'm fickle and scatterbrained, so it was pretty hard to pick just one style I could really spotlight.


Lolita 52: Best places to wear lolita!

I have been absolutely terrible with keeping up with my Lolita 52 posts, mainly because I wasn't sure if it was really keeping people interested or not. @3@ But lately I've been feeling terrible for keeping my blog quiet (I have good reason for this, I promise!!), so I thought I'd whip up a Lolita 52 post just to show that I am still alive!

I think I drew a really fun topic this time, "Best places to wear lolita." I'm the type of person who does not take most dress codes seriously and always pushes the limits on what to wear, so I had like... 5 billion places I wanted to share with you, but I tried to narrow it down to my top 5 favourite kinds of places.

It was really nice using mostly old photos throughout this post, I was able to dig through some memories stashed away in forgotten SD Cards and also pass the time!

1. Historical houses. I've visited quite a few dressed in lolita, but my favourite is a tie between Vizcaya Gardens and Ringling Museum of Art! They both have beautiful gardens and fantastic back drops for outfit shots.

Eep, this photo is so old! It's from the last time I visited Vizcaya, circa 2011. The whole place is built using coral and re-used materials! James Deering was ahead of his time when he built this mansion in 1916--it was super eco friendly!

2. Theme parks! Especially ones with fun carnival rides~ It just seems so nice to run around dressed up among all the lights and decor that come with great theme parks. Of course my favourite is DisneyWorld.

Meeting Mulan at my most recent visit to Disney! She asked me questions about my Oswald hat and told me to "listen out" for Mushu and report to her if he's causing any trouble.

3. Conventions. Okay, some people may not agree with this, but I love convention atmosphere. I'm already a ginormous geek, and then on top of that I can be around other people dressed up really cool who won't even question what I'm wearing! Not to mention you usually end up running into other people dressed in alternative fashion you never knew about, so it's a chance to make more friends! It's also the perfect occasion to wear that super impractical and over-the-top coordinate you've stashed away in the back of your closet.

I would probably never wear a coordinate like this anywhere else, but it was fun doing a super over-the-top raver-inspired get-up using a piece by Atelier Pierrot! This is myself and the fantastic Scoper Monstar, who quickly became an awesome friend. =D

4. Teahouses! This is a big cliché among lolitas that I whole-heartedly grasp. I love tea and the fancy foods that come with tea. You can also get cute photos with the china cabinets. Bring it on!

Another old photo from a meet-up from around 2011 sometime. The tea house I went to this time was so endearing, although a bit pricey. I recommend it to anyone in the area, it's called The Tea Room!

5. Instead of tacky tourist, be a lolita tourist! Wearing lolita when you're going to a new country or area is really great, at least from my experience. Tourists tend to be some of the friendliest people you can be dressed up around, they always are polite and ask for photos with you and it's fun if you don't mind the adverse attention. (Of course, upon discussing this with friends, this may have a lot to do with my loving conventions and being a frequent attendee at them. I'm much more used to people asking for photos than most of my friends.) Just keep in mind, sometimes lolita is really frowned upon in certain places, so you want to make an intelligent decision. I usually tone down my coordinates or make sure I am not insulting a certain culture or belief by wearing a more over-the-top fashion. I've heard of lolitas being turned away at Versailles before since the fashion was considered too "over the top" and disrespectful. Be careful!

Another old photo from my first visit to Sweden years back! We were taking a ferryboat from our hotel in Stockholm. I spent most of my time in Malmö though. =D I realised I tend to pose really similarly throughout the years, haha! I need to be more dynamic!

I will be revealing a few more projects and sponsored reviews in the future, I've been really behind on posting about them. @3@ Remember to check out the previous Lolita 52 topics over here. Hope you all are having a great day!


Renaissance Faire Meet-up.

I am finally starting to go through all my photos on my two SD cards, although totally out of order. The next massive photodump I am going to do on this blog will be for things that happened a couple months prior to this event! My whole timeline is screwed up, aaugh.

I try to go to a Renaissance Faire every year, and this is my second year at this particular one! It was a total blast. It's a bit on the smaller end due to the venue, but I absolutely love how everything is so shady and covered with trees.

But first off, what I wore! (Just a quick sidenote, you'll see that my hands are always obsessively touching my hair... That's because I was just not able to find the pins I needed to secure the hairstyle that morning but I stubbornly went to the meet-up anyways with the impractical 'do. So in pretty much every photo I'm trying to redo it or just holding it in place, FFFFF.)

With this, my LookBook folder has gone around full circle with its dates! The first photo I posted for my LookBook was dated for April 5, 2012, and this photo was taken a year and a day later! Time has flown. I wore one of my most elegant pieces in my wardrobe with elf ears and a crown! I ended up looking totally different by the end of the day because I had glitter splashed on my face by a fairy, horns that I purchased from that same fairy, and then I ended up getting my hair braided.