Lolita Blog Carnival #14: 5 Books every lolita should read.

I thought this would be a great topic to do since I am starting a book swap with my friends! (Plus I haven't participated in an LBC topic for nearly a month now!) These are five books every lolita should read. They may not be lolita-related, but I think they are great for increasing your self-esteem and just being inspired by the main characters of the books. I'll be counting down to my top favourite!

Believe it or not, you will not find Nabokov's Lolita on my list because I actually didn't like the book much at all, implication aside. I did appreciate the writing quality, but the content of the book just didn't catch my interest and in fact one of my least favourite books I have ever read.


Galaxxxy Photoshoot at Sloan's!

My friend Meggie (of Sweetie Cakes) and I have always been huge fans of Galaxxxy, and when we heard they were looking for spokesmodels, we thought we'd take some photos together to send to them~ =D We recently went crazy buying matching things from Forever21 and tried to add our own flair to our matching outfits.

I went crazy editing the photos I used for my LookBook and absolutely loved the tint that came out of it. My circle lenses even showed up in the close-up!


KKS: A year in review.

(Heh, do you like that? I think I'll start abbreviating my blog as KKS when I refer to it now, it kind of sounds cool. *A*)

Facebook has been doing this handy dandy "Year in Review" thing where it arranges all your photos and major events. I'm not one for really updating my Facebook properly (especially with pictures) since I tend to post the pictures on their representative communities and not on my profile, so a lot of things were missing. For this reason I decided to go over the major events that happened each month and do my own blog, year in review! This will be very picture heavy, but I hope you enjoy it anyways--a lot of these photos haven't really been posted anywhere else.


Is lolita fashion dying?

I'm sure a lot of other J-fashion blogs are going to blog about their thoughts on this topic that seems to be especially rehashed this past week on a lot of major websites. I know what brought it to my attention was a good friend of mine, go_slow_ly, getting into a Facebook conversation about how lolita as a fashion seems to be evolving and moving towards toned-down brands.

This question is asked literally every year, someone randomly posts on their blog "I heard (insert brand here) is going bankrupt soon, is lolita dying???" The answer is, of course, the very vague yes and no.


Legend of Zelda: Symphony of the Goddesses

This past weekend I went to see the beautiful touring show centered around one of my favourite games: Legend of Zelda! It was absolutely amazing, and featured local musicians versus their own touring orchestra and a high school choir, which just made it that much more moving.

I decided to put together an outfit inspired by Legend of Zelda. A lot of people thought I was being fem!Link, but that really wasn't my aim. I just wore things that bore the kind of aesthetic that has been around in most of the games and mixed it with my regular fashion. I wore Charles Crown since it is a beautiful deep green (and the crowns just seemed so fitting when I thought about Zelda), a circlet I purchased from a Renaissance Faire, and Legend of Zelda jewelry from the Etsy shop LicketyCut.

I even painted some Triforce nails to match~ (Excuse the shitty cell-phone picture, my nails were pretty much destroyed by the time I went to the concert so I don't have nicer qual photos, waahhh.)

The only thing directly influenced by something a character wore was the quickly improvised Windwaker belt I made, modeled after the one Toon Link (or the Link from the "Adult Link" timeline) wears!

I'm going to go ahead and share the set list after the cut since they have pretty much completed their tour for 2012 and will more than likely change their set list a bit for next year. =)


Pinky Paradise lens review!

Today I'll be reviewing my EOS Candy Blue lenses that I ordered from PinkyParadise.com!

I am really excited to finally own a pair of the renowned EOS lenses for myself--most of the people I have spoken to boast about the comfort and vibrancy of these leneses, and I am going to have to echo that sentiment for the most part. =)


International Lolita Day! ♥

It's that time of year again--International Lolita Day! Believe it or not, despite wearing the fashion for quite some time, this is the first time I have celebrated the special day with other lolitas! I had a really great time with my local community, we went to the Historical Flagler Museum for afternoon high tea and a tour around the beautiful property. Incoming pic spam!

My lovely Misty Sky one-piece from Angelic Pretty came in the mail a couple days earlier, so it was an obvious shoo-in to be worn at the meet-up. I also was super thrilled to loan out my Albertine one-piece from Mary Magdalene to Meggie of Sweetie Cakes, since she has a soft spot for classic lolita. =) More pictures to follow!


Hello Kitty Forever + an ocean in my tub.

I am so thrilled about the Hello Kitty Forever launch at Forever21! It's an entire line of couture Hello Kitty goods! Despite Chococat really not being a favourite mascot of mine, the majority of the stuff I bought from the line were all Chococat themed! This adds onto my wallet and other Chococat sweater. *A* So much stuff!

Even painted some matching nails inspired by the colours of the clothing!

I wore a coordinate using most of the things I bought and did some Black Friday shopping.