LBC: A Lolita Coordinate Based on a Constellation.

This week's Lolita Blog Carnival topic was one I was super excited to do--a coordinate based on a constellation! I wanted to make sure I used a dress I own (in this case, I have ordered and am just waiting on), so I did some digging for constellations visible to the naked eye that tend to come out around this time of year and settled on Cassiopeia. Cassiopeia is a gorgeous constellation that is supposed to represent the mythological Greek figure sitting on her throne, or some of the points on her crown.

Cassiopeia Coordinate
Cassiopeia Coordinate by avinastar featuring tights

The story behind Cassiopeia is a pretty well-known one--she was cast into the sky because she boasted that she was more beautiful than sea nymphs. It also happens to have a jellyfish named for it, hence why I decided to use my Lost in Sea Blue jumperskirt in this coordinate.

Photography Credit: Pete Oxford

Generally, the theme for this coordinate was pretty straightforward--I wanted to work with gold due to the buttons on the jumperskirt, as well as what Cassiopeia appeared to be wearing in the painting I found of her. I added a decadent bodychain (which is my new addiction) to add an extra hint of gold. 

I layered my asymmetrical Peace Now skirt underneath the JSK to add an extra layer of decadence to the outfit, and decided against a blouse to kind of mimic what Cassiopeia is usually depicted as wearing. I really love the tights I used because it made it look like your feet are fading into starlight in a sense. 

The gold crown I found from an Etsy store and would be darling worn over your forehead with the bangs of the mahogany Lockshop wig arranged around it. Again, I just wanted to include as many star-themed things in the coordinate. One day I will actually get my hands on that gold Angelic Pretty bag...

Hope you enjoyed this post! Check out the other coordinates that were created this week!


  1. what a cool challenge! :D This was really interesting to read! :D

    1. Thanks!! =D I really like these coordinate challenges--they are just that--a challenge!


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