LBC: Goals for 2015!

It's nearly 2015, and right on schedule, it's time to share my goals for the new year! I have three main ones and one super-secret one (which I will keep really vague until I'm ready to make an official announcement) that I'll talk about today. Feel free to share your resolutions as well--and I hope that we can keep each other on track!

  1. Make a new blog post once every two weeks. This is definitely one of those resolutions that I see myself shirking the moment my exam week kicks up again. Hopefully immortalising it as a resolution will keep me on task! Initially I thought to post every week, but generally, my life during the school year is pretty boring and routine, and I may run out of things to talk about. At least every other week I more than likely tried a new restaurant or went to some sort of event I can talk about... Or at least, that's what I hope.
  2. Try out boystyle! I've always been interested in boystyle, but kept putting it off because I felt like it really wasn't the style for me. However, I also really just want to try it once so I can say I at least tried and felt stupid. There's also so many gorgeous vests that are being put out by Metamorphose and Alice and the Pirates that I really want an excuse to buy. I'm also hoping that Caro's prediction is true and boystyle ends up really taking off so there's more variety for me to look through! 
  3. Stop shying away from black. I've always been someone who preferred lighter colours, but lately there's been more black in my wardrobe. (I blame Cimone.) I want to try and incorporate more of that colour into my wardrobe, especially since I've always admired nun-lita and never thought I could pull it off. After trying on some more black, I can't say I have that excuse anymore, and I want to play with that colour more!
  4. Finish that project by April. Check it off the bucket list! If you can't tell yet--this is obviously the vague one. I'm working on something that I want to make sure I complete by April--and work hard enough at it that by 2016, I know I did not regret my decision to complete that project. I can't wait to talk about it in more detail later~
Just to prevent this post from being mostly text, here is one of my coordinates from this summer where I tried to work some black into my outfit. Baby steps!

Tell me what your New Years's Resolutions are--do we have any similar ones? Check out the other bloggers who shared their goals this week!


  1. Oo I think boystyle/black would look really cute on you!! I think regular blogging is also a good way of 'centering' yourself :P Even if it is just about everyday life - I know I'm really interested by other peoples' lives especially in places outside Australia. I hope to get back into consistent blogging too ^^

    1. Ahhh, thank you!! It would be a huge change to what I normally wear, but I think it would be great to wear on days where I want to be cute, but not super extravagant.

      It's good to hear that you do have an interest in that! I am always embarrassed to just randomly blog about my daily life--every time I have in the past I wonder if I just rambled aimlessly for no reason, or if I'm being too revealing, haha! But I totally subscribe to your view--I like reading about people in other parts of the world.

  2. Oh god the outfit looks great *_*

    Anyway good luck with blogging reguralry, it can be sometimes a hard task. And don't be afraid of wearing black, it's a nice colour!

    The last post on my blog~

    1. I'm so glad you like that outfit!! I wasn't a huge fan of it--but lately I don't really feel like I like a lot of the coordinates I put together unless there's more going on.

      I hope I can get used to wearing more black!!


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