LBC: Anime-Inspired (Fandom) Coordinates!

It just so happens that this week's Lolita Blog Carnival was on a topic I had been planning on blogging about for a while (just slightly broader), so I definitely knew I had to tackle it this week when the topic was announced! For that reason--some of the terminology I will be using is a bit broader--I'll be calling it "Fandom Coordinates" since I also will be discussing dressing up with video game influences and the like--not just anime.

As some of you know, I frequently wear fashion that is inspired by things I love--usually in the realm of Mahou-kei. Since I don't want to repeat myself, I figured I'd link to the lovely article from Pastel Cubes Blog! An abbreviated version: Mahou-kei is a fun fashion style where you mix little magical girl influences (like pendants, wands, etc.) with pretty pastel fashion!

But sometimes I don't just focus on that, I also like to do coordinates based on video games, like the following two:

The first one was inspired by Legend of Zelda, and the latter was inspired by Kingdom Hearts!

The easiest way to put together a coordinate inspired by something is to pull similar colour palettes of the character. Link, from the Legend of Zelda, wears a lot of green, so a green dress with some extra accessories (like a Triforce earrings or the little belt he wears) will be a nice nod to him.

Sometimes you don't have to flat out attempt to look like the character by using similar colour schemes and such like in the first coordinate, but you can just use themes. For those of you who aren't familiar with Kingdom Hearts, the main character's name is Sora (which means "sky"in Japanese) so I wore Misty Sky, and there is a frequent motif of crowns and castles, hence the crown and tights.

In the end, you just want to have fun with it and just include major themes! You can also keep the influences pretty straight-forward, like in the following coordinates:

You can straight-up incorporate accessories that are direct motifs of the show you are referencing into your outfit. The first one was inspired by Pokémon, specifically Psychic Pokémon trainers, hence the lavender hair and the Espeon necklace! The second one is a more abstract Puella Magi coordinate with Homura's soul gem, a pin that says "Mahou Shoujo" on it, and a Kyubey pouch.

It's super easy to take a coordinate you already made and add some anime influences to it. Here's an outfit I haven't posted up yet to LookBook! It's on LookBook now! =D

I was planning on wearing pink anyways that day, so I picked up two accessories with a pink theme that are directly from an anime--in this case, the Sakura Key from Cardcaptor Sakura and the Kyubey pouch! It's a lot of fun to make anime inspired coordinates without straight-up cosplaying, and you can look cute and also represent your fandom. It's like a graphic tee for a lolita. ;D

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  1. I really like the idea of mixing in the Zelda style look with lolita. I know she's strictly a Hylian, but the sort of ephemeral elf like look would probably be an interesting combination with the floaty, delicate looks of cult party kei and the lolita peignoir trend which has been popular lately.

    1. That's a really good idea!! I really adore that idea. *A* You should totally do it sometime if you ever get the chance. I know I can't wait for the next excuse to wear elf ears, ho ho ho.

  2. Your inspired outfits are so cute! Oh my gosh - I LOVE your take on Kingdom Hearts <3 But your Puella Magi coord is my favourite here! :D

    1. Ahhhh!! I am so flattered--I've always admired your coordinates! I'm hoping to do quite a few Kingdom Hearts ones in the future--and PMMM will always hold a special place in my heart--so I know more is to come.

      Thank you for your super-sweet comment!

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