Pinky Paradise lens review!

Today I'll be reviewing my EOS Candy Blue lenses that I ordered from PinkyParadise.com!

I am really excited to finally own a pair of the renowned EOS lenses for myself--most of the people I have spoken to boast about the comfort and vibrancy of these leneses, and I am going to have to echo that sentiment for the most part. =)

I always take photos of my packaging but this time I was so excited to have had them come in so quickly I just ripped them open. It came bubble wrapped tightly with the lens case in a manila envelope.  I had asked for them to ship it through FedEx because I needed them in time for a concert I was doing an inspired fashion outfit for.

Straight out of the packaging! I really like how so far, the companies I've been purchasing from have been colour-coding the lens cases according to the colour of the lenses, so I can easily remember what is in each case.

Now if you were paying super close attention to my Geo Wing lens review over here, you would notice that this time I have ordered a different prescription than I normally do. I don't really recommend this for anyone to do, I just did it this time because 1. I was desperate and they were out of stock of -2.00, and 2. my optometrist has actually done this to me before when the lenses he wanted me to try out were out of stock in my prescription. If you do decide to do this, always make sure you choose a weaker prescription, because a stronger prescription can give you headaches and permanently weaken the muscles in your eyes!

Here they are in the case. I just want to quickly discuss my experience with Pinky Paradise. I have tried to purchase from a couple other lens places before, and they don't have a good communication system. When my things were out of stock, I only found out three weeks later when I decided to check the order status because it seemed like it was taking a while for my lenses to get here. After burying around their website, I see that they sent me a tiny note saying that my lenses were out of stock, and I didn't get around to being refunded until almost a month after I purchased the order originally!

Now I am happy to say that this was NOT the case with Pinky Paradise. They e-mailed me directly within the first 24 hours when my lenses were out of stock and worked with me when I tried to replace them with a different brand that were also out of stock. ;3; They shipped quickly and I was able to get them in time for my event this weekend! I am reeeally happy about that.

Here's how the lenses look worn! The enlargement and colour is super noticeable on my dark eyes, which makes me really happy! I also don't think they look super fake. I enjoy the really simple kinds of circle lenses like these that only have an outer rim of the colour with no fancy designs.

Enlargement: 5/5 -- These guys are huuuge! You may not like them for a more natural look, but they're great for gyaru and ulzzang make!
Colour: 4/5 -- I am super pleased with the colour. It's noticeable even in low light, and is a really great blue! I would have rated it lower since it doesn't have many blended tones, but honestly I wasn't really expecting that with these lenses since they appeared to be all one colour.
Shipping: 5/5 -- I'm pretty thrilled because shipping wasn't too horrible for super fast FedEx! In the future I'd like to have a large enough order for their free shipping though.
Communication: 5/5 -- They e-mailed me directly and ASAP about my lenses being out of stock, I couldn't be more thankful considering that I needed them quickly.

Excuse the slightly blurry photos, my boyfriend and I were fiddling with some bokeh filters we made out of construction paper! The shutter speed ended up being super slow as a result and we couldn't find the tripod so we had to make do. See how the Christmas tree lights in the background look like hearts?? That was our doing! =D

And now for a special deal for my blog readers! If you use the coupon code "kirakirashoujo" upon check-out with your purchase of Pinky Paradise lenses, you will get a free lens case and a surprise gift courtesy of my blog! =D Don't you just love affiliates? You can also click the banner above or my new banner in the "sponsors" section of my blog. =)

I was so excited about these lenses I was motivated to go out to eat dinner and look super cute on a Korean BBQ date, haha~ 

I wore a kitty-cat inspired outfit, hehe~ I've been working out lately and as a result have been feeling a lot more comfortable with wearing some shorter skirts and things. =3 

Also you can see that I totally decorated my Christmas tree with my alpaca collection. This is the first time I have put up a Christmas tree in years! My mom found this cute little tree with built-in lights for super cheap but I was nervous I wouldn't really have many ornaments so I made do with what I had.

Totally heartbroken because I haven't been blogging about my favourite thing recently--food!! Here is what my boyfriend and I ordered from the Korean BBQ place~

The first dish is called "Galbitang" or beef short rib soup. It's probably my favourite thing ever! The meat is always so nice and tender, and if you eat it with rice it just tastes so amazing. I ordered seafood dolsot bibimbap (the second photo) but forgot to take a picture when they first gave it to me. I think I like the kind with beef more because it comes with an egg, but this was really good too!

Happy shopping everyone!


  1. you look too adorable to be true! ♥ And I love your christmas tree! ^^ Brilliant! ^^

    1. Awww, thank you Zeruda~ <3 This is really different from what I'm comfortable with, but I like it a lot!!

      I thought it would be a good idea to decorate my tree with alpacas because most of them are from loved ones, so there's quite a bit of meaning behind them. >3<

  2. Love how passionate you are.

  3. What a fab blog. I love it!

    I'm hosting a $100 Lulus.com gift card giveaway on the blog. Hope you can enter!

    personal style and fashion musings of an LA fashion lawyer living life in the fab lane

    1. Thanks so much!! I will definitely check out your blog. *A* I'm actually a law student, so it's nice to see what fashionable things lawyers wear, hehe~

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  5. omigosh your outfit is soooo adorable :D (i think i have the same kitty ears o.O teehee :3)
    great blog ^.^
    I also really love pinky paradise's service, it's awesomeee :3

    1. Thank you so much for your comment! =) These ears are really a great addition to my wardrobe.

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  8. Wow!
    The color of the lenses are amazing.
    So pretty♥
    * \ ( ^ o ^ ) / * ♡


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