HUGE POST! PLNDR + Lens Village + Katy Perry Lash Review

This is a pretty insane post, I hope you all stick it out until the end! Beware: this is THREE huge reviews all rolled up into one post to make up for the lack of updates on my end. I finally finished taking the LSAT, so now I have a lot more time on my hands~

(I'm pretty much wearing everything I plan on reviewing in this outfit! Haha~)

In fact, one of them is a very disgruntled negative review, which I'll do first since I think negative reviews are more important for people who are looking for feedback, and also, to end this entry on a more positive note.

My first review is on PLNDR. I heard about it from Ashlei Louise's blog, and thought I should give it a try. At first, it seemed like the greatest thing ever! Super cheap clothes, everything seemed to be just up my alley, and to top it all off, the shipping was fast and $5 flat rate! I received the two pairs of Sole la Vie shoes I ordered in 2 days, even though according to their disclaimer it could take up to 1 week.

I ordered these two pairs of shoes from the website--the Camella Boot in Blue, and the Victoria Boot in Black.

I am absolutely in love with the new studded platform trend, and these were only $39.99 each, compared to the full price which was around $100 bucks! (Not to mention the Jeffrey Campbells are around $200, so this was a worthy investment.) I got them in the mail in a biiiig box, nicely packaged, in only 2 days, which was amazing. 

I found some initial flaws with the Camilla Wedge, a little bit of extra material was dangling from the sole, but that could easily be cut off. 

There was also a random string on the front.

The major flaw I found in the Victoria Boots I didn't see until the next night, when I finally decided to coordinate an outfit with them. Much to my dismay, exactly 7 cone studs were missing from the left shoe. It is obvious from the small mark on the suede in that area that it was a factory defect where they completely forgot to put a stud there. I promptly e-mailed PLNDR asking for an exchange, and it has been a little over a week and a half with no response. I can't force them to refund me either because their website charges your credit card directly with no middleman like Paypal to protect buyers.

I don't want to end up returning it and not being able to get a replacement shoe in the mail, and I just wanted an answer to a simple question--"Can I exchange these shoes for another pair, or get a full refund?" I know that they encourage returns if necessary, but I would have really liked some communication on their part. Not to mention, Sole la Vie's quality control seems to be pretty iffy since they let a shoe be sold that was missing a large number of studs! It's really obvious too when you look at both shoes together and see how one just looks so much more empty. I am really disappointed.

The sales are still quite tempting and I may give them a second try, but I wouldn't recommend purchasing anything by Sole la Vie since their quality seems to be pretty bad.

Communication: 0/5 -- This is a new criteria I haven't used before in my reviews, but after this horrible review I am definitely making it a point to include it in the future where it's applicable. They never got back to me about my question, and generally kind of leave everything up to you with no firm ideas of how their returns work.
Quality: 2/5 -- The shoes are comfortable, but the fact that there were so many small defects really ticked me off.
Price: 4/5 -- The price was really great for a pair of trendy shoes such as these. Even cheaper retailers like Forever21 tends to sell their platform heels at around 40 bucks, and these are much more comfortable than their heels.
Shipping: 5/5 -- This is really the only positive of the entire review--shipping was so fast and inexpensive, I was really quite excited. Not to mention they are regularly releasing coupon codes that reduces shipping further or even makes it free.

My next review is on Lens Village! I decided to purchase from this store because I needed a specific shade of brown for a cosplay event I was doing. I also saw that they had 3-Day expedited shipping, which I also really needed since the event was drawing near.  I ordered Geo Olive Brown lenses in my prescription. =) One reason why it took me so long to go ahead and purchase my first pair of circle lenses was because I have pretty bad eyesight, and I don't find my prescription glasses very attractive, so I need to buy prescription lenses. It's hard finding relatively affordable stores that sell lenses with power.

I received the package as quickly as I paid for it to be sent, in three days! That made shipping a bit pricey ($12), on top of the price of the lenses itself ($19.50), but I was okay with that since I knew I needed them to be expedited. They were packed in a simple brown envelope, and they included a cute animal lens case for free with my purchase.

Here is a photo of the lens in the case. I really struggled to get it open and in the end had to get my boyfriend to help me out, but aside from that they looked pretty good. I will include a photo of them worn at the end of the entry after reviewing my lashes.

Colour: 2/5 -- This is the downside to the Geo Olive Brown lenses... The colour looked like a much more vibrant golden-brown in the stock photos, but in reality it is barely noticeable from my natural dark brown. It may look better on people with lighter coloured eyes, but for me it was really disappointing. It really didn't cut it for the cosplay I was doing, and I'm probably going to order another pair with a more saturated look.
Englargement: 4/5 -- I wouldn't recommend it for someone wanting a super dolly effect, I personally wanted a pretty natural look, so I'm very happy with the enlargement of these 14 mm lenses. Enough to stand out but not look obvious.
Price: 4/5 -- I haven't seen Geo lenses this cheap in any other store before aside from one, but they usually don't stock lenses with power, so I was happy to pay the small amount extra that it was to order from Lens Village.
Shipping: 5/5 -- Super fast and reasonably priced for international expedited shipping.

Overall, I'd highly recommend these lenses for someone wanting casual every-day wear circles, but they are really disappointing for getting a really rich brown colour for cosplay, and for some people, the enlargement may be too little fo them.

Last review of the day--my pretty inexpensive Katy Perry eyelashes from Claire's! I'm not a huge fan of Katy Perry herself, but these lashes just looked so thick and over-the-top, I just had to try them out! I was a bit skeptical considering they were from Claire's, and was scared they'd be uncomfortable, but for the price ($8.50) I figured I'd give them a try.

The packaging was really cute and actually came with a sticker that said "Oh My!" on it, haha. I may stick it on something... I've been getting a lot of stickers with my purchases lately, I need someplace to stick them all!

I was fairly impressed by the fact that the formula for the adhesive that came with it is very similar in smell and texture to "LashGrip," my personal favourite eyelash adhesive. The applicator tip was also very unique, it was a plastic piece that you could use to dab on the glue to the lash--much easier than making sure you don't squeeze out too much glue all at once on one part of the lash.

You can click on the photo to enlarge it! This is how I look with my Geo Lenses and Katy Perry eyelashes on~ They have a really dramatic look and photograph amazing in natural light. I think next time I'm going to try even larger circle lenses, baby steps, baby steps! The Katy Perry lashes were surprisingly comfortable despite being made out of pretty stiff fibres. 

Quality: 3/5 -- The fibres are pretty stiff and not very flexible, which could lead to some discomfort, but they do give a very dramatic effect.
Price: 4/5 -- Good price for such a thick pair of lashes. I probably would have liked to have paid a little less given the amount of lash glue and the quality of the lashes. I think I only had enough lash glue to wear the lashes once or twice. =\ Good thing I have a lot extra!

Some fun extras: .gifs I made of myself, one of my walking alpacas named Oswald, and Sora getting freaked out by him!

Anyways, if you're here that means you stuck around this far, and thank you very much! Next time I'll be able to review more lipsticks.

Also, if you haven't already, please check out my Extra Life fundraising page and consider donating a small amount to my cause. Thanks~


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