New Modeling Gig! + Lime Crime Review

Hello everyone! I am super ecstatic and just generally so excited to share that I will be modeling for one of my favourite Etsy stores; Starlight Deco Dream! I am really thrilled for this opportunity and I'm always happy to support one of the first stores that really turned me into a frequent shopper at Etsy. Not to mention I looove her wigs.

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So far we have a couple of photoshoots planned for her wigs and merchandise. I can't wait to come up with more coordinate inspired by magical girls for her shoots! =D

I put together a really fun coordinate inspired by Akemi Homura from Puella Magi Madoka Magica. There may be some spoilers in the latter part of the description, so be careful if you haven't watched the anime yet and plan on it. ;D

I wore various things related to Akemi Homura's character:

Panties Clip: Homage to pervy Homu. (She is a headcanon a lot of people have drawn and even cosplayed, and goes around wearing Madoka's panties on her head!)
Sailor Top: Magical schoolgirl.
Soul Gem: Obvious.
Kyubey Pouch: Also obvious.
Hello Kitty Glasses: People commonly speculate that the cat in the opening series of the episode is supposed to represent Homura.
Stars/Space Pins: She travels through time and space—bit of a stretch, also a bit of a reference to Godoka.
Mahou Shoujo pin: Obvious.

"Anime-kei" is quickly becoming a favourite inspiration of mine. Lately I've been adding more pins to my outfits that have aspects of manga and anime to them and generally having fun incorporating anime merchandise into them.

I wanted to match one of my newest friends~ We both had the same Sweetie Cakes confetti tights, so we threw them on along with mint sweaters and lilac bottoms to create coordinates with the same colour scheme. The shoes I'm wearing I actually borrowed from her~

I had a lot of fun doing this Purikura! If anyone is interested in how I do it, I'll gladly review my favourite iPhone apps to get this adorable effect~

It's hard to tell in the photos because I like to tone down my lipstick, but I used Lime Crime's D'LILAC lip colour, which is a super pure shade of lilac. I'm just going to do a quick review of it along with the amazing eBay store I purchased from, since my experience with them was so pleasant.

I generally only buy lip stains, although I did go through a Mac Lipstick buying frenzy a couple summers back. *A* For a long time I was debating purchasing some Lime Crime lipstick but put it off because I heard some unsavoury things about their customer service and the quality of their products. I finally caved and purchased D'LILAC because I didn't find any other alternatives in that perfect shade of lilac I wanted, and also found it for slightly cheaper (and more in my budget) from this eBay store.

When I opened the package, I was saddened to see that there was a small crack on the side of the tube, which made the lid fall off on its own sometimes and spin in place. I informed the seller immediately, and she was so courteous and immediately offered to send another tube and let me keep the one I have. She answered so quickly and politely, I just know I'm going to be a returning customer.

Now that I knew I could keep the tube I had already received, I tried it on and was pretty pleased because the lipstick was easy to apply and very soft and supple. But because of that, it wiped off REALLY easily and just didn't stay on my lips. If I wore any gloss over it, the lipstick would just start moving away from where the gloss was applied like putting oil in water, which was pretty disappointing. I can probably only apply it on top of other lipsticks. It also had a kind of oily feeling to it, like I had applied olive oil onto my lips. It's a bit uncomfortable.

This is how it looks applied bare onto lips. The only issue I had is that it is hard to keep the edges sharp so you'd need to touch up with concealer. I didn't do that here because I was just trying it on, so sorry for the messy edges!

A photo with me attempting to wear gloss over the lipstick. It just looked bad.

The colour is exactly as described though, and I have slightly darker lips, and that didn't stop it, which I was very pleased with. But because of that it also looked kind of ridiculous on me and now I make it a point to wear it over a darker purple lipstick to get a really nice subdued effect. I personally used CoverGirl Lip Perfection's 330 Divine blended in.

It's absolutely gorgeous and probably a plus for people who like a more gothic, heavy, make-up. I totally want to try the mint (MINT TO BE) colour Lime Crime has now... >_> I also want to try blending D'LILAC with my Saint Germain colour from Mac or even Girl about Town to get even pinker shades.

Communication: 5/5 -- This is of course criteria for the eBay store I purchased from, makeupemporium1. I couldn't have been happier with how she handled my situation, she shipped quickly for a small amount, and in the end, the price I saved on her lipstick and shipping was cheaper than buying directly from Lime Crime for the same price.
Quality: 2/5 -- The colour was perfect, but it looks like the tube breaks easily because it was never opened previously and had still cracked despite being inside a box with tissue paper. The lipstick itself also rubs off very easily, which was a bit disappointing.
Price: 4/5 -- The price was good since I bought it from another seller. Lime Crime's prices are a little too much for me, especially now that I know that the lipstick doesn't last a long time. I would probably go for Mac, or even CoverGirl Lip Perfection since they last a long time and the colours are just as vibrant.
Shipping: 5/5 -- Great! This seller lives in Canada, but is super clever and actually drives her packages over the border and posts them in the U.S. for the cheaper shipping cost. I gotta say I admire her for going the extra length to save her customers money.


  1. you look epic wonderful!!! <3 I love ur wig,salopette and tights ^^

  2. Ahh I've been dying to find lyrical bunny in this colourway (the jsk though). You pull off pastels so well. I need to take a page from your book!! Thanks for posting the limecrime review too. I haven't heard too many good things about the product (other than from people who have been offerred free merch) so it was nice to see an impartial review. I am envious of your ability to pull off lavender lippy too!

    I have no idea about anime/manga outside of the popularised studio ghibli stuff - recommend anything to a newbie? ^^

    1. Oh goodness! I usually see it around in black, so that's why I settled for the salopette. Not to mention I just don't wear full-blown lolita as often anymore, so the salopette is really a great option for me. *A*

      And wow, thank you so much! =D I agree, Lime Crime either has really really terrible reviews because people came in with a bad taste in their mouth, or good reviews because they were sponsored. And thanks! I'm still getting used to the lavender lips, I'm sure I'll love it soon enough.

      I recently got back into anime/manga myself. For a few years I only watched it occasionally and kind of forgot about it.

      For (relative) oldies but goodies, I really like Ghost in the Shell: Stand Alone Complex, Cardcaptor Sakura, Clover (this was only a manga), RG Veda (also only a manga), Paradise Kiss, Clannad, and Full Moon wo Sagashite.

      For newer anime/manga, I would recommend Eden of the East, Kuragehime, Mahou Shoujo Madoka Magica, AnoHana, Mirai Nikki (this is super violent, just a warning), Jewel Pets Sunshine, and Suite Precure.

      I kind of watch all kinds of anime and manga and am a bit all over the place. I generally try to avoid anime with too much fan service and panty-flashing, and I generally have low tolerance for kind of stupid humour. Let me know what kind of taste you have in genres and maybe I can narrow down the scope a bit more~

  3. I love the lip colours.


    1. I'm glad you like them~ I really want their mint colour next. *A*


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