International Lolita Day! ♥

It's that time of year again--International Lolita Day! Believe it or not, despite wearing the fashion for quite some time, this is the first time I have celebrated the special day with other lolitas! I had a really great time with my local community, we went to the Historical Flagler Museum for afternoon high tea and a tour around the beautiful property. Incoming pic spam!

My lovely Misty Sky one-piece from Angelic Pretty came in the mail a couple days earlier, so it was an obvious shoo-in to be worn at the meet-up. I also was super thrilled to loan out my Albertine one-piece from Mary Magdalene to Meggie of Sweetie Cakes, since she has a soft spot for classic lolita. =) More pictures to follow!

We started the day off with a great menu packed full of tea and its accompanying sandwiches and sweets.

They had their own custom china, it was absolutely gorgeous!

For those of you who don't know, I have a ceiling fetish. I absolutely have to look up whenever I'm in grand rooms, and if they ceiling is to my tastes, I take a photo, haha! You don't know how sad I am whenever I walk into a gorgeous hotel lobby and their ceiling ends up looking so plain jane.

All the gold filigree is actual gold. This house was absolutely decadent. For a bit of history, this house was built by the man responsible for bringing the railroad to Florida, so you can imagine that he was pretty loaded.

One of the girls at the meet told me that this is a harpsichord because it has two pedals versus the three on a piano! I never knew the difference unless I sat down and played them. The more you know!

It's that time of year again--there were Christmas trees and decorations all over the house! I was a bit sad because all of the decorations on this tree were a bit too... Current, but it still looked great in the main room.

We found massive marble statues, so of course I had to mimic their pose in front of them.

My favourite group photo! We found these benches with boob-a-licious Sphinxes on them, haha!

Pardon my ceiling fetish. But of course, the bedrooms were absolutely divine too! They each had their own name and purpose, but I was so busy just staring at all the little details I completely forgot to read most of the accompanying plaques for each room. =(

I believe this golden room was the master bedroom! Everything matched, it was thrilling.

Of course, the lolitas had to visit the lace room! It had a lot of informative materials on how lace is hand-made, as well as drawers filled with old lace from the era. My favourite one actually depicted people in the lace, it was gorgeous!

They also had a guest book, so all of us drew in it and signed it, haha~ I love how Meggie's picture ended up not being as SD as most of ours, so she looks like she's leading the pack. XD I drew my stupid clouds too stylistically and now I look like someone out of Naruto. ;__; Oh welp.

Someone has some major hoverhands. ;D I absolutely love how Meggie looks in my dress, eeee~ I may have to keep dressing her up in classic now. And yes I tried to pose like Juria, I don't think it suits me though. D=

Anyways, I hope you all had lovely lolita days, and if you don't dress in the style, I hope you just had a lovely weekend! What did you do on December 1st?


  1. aww so fabulous place!!!and I love misty sky ^^

    1. Thank you! =D Misty Sky is really great, I want everyone to own it, haha!

  2. Love the drawings you made in the guestbook! I wish i could draw something so pretty!! :)

    1. Awww, thank you Zeruda! Seeing how Meggie drew motivates me to start practicing again--I was having such a hard time drawing.


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