Hello Kitty Forever + an ocean in my tub.

I am so thrilled about the Hello Kitty Forever launch at Forever21! It's an entire line of couture Hello Kitty goods! Despite Chococat really not being a favourite mascot of mine, the majority of the stuff I bought from the line were all Chococat themed! This adds onto my wallet and other Chococat sweater. *A* So much stuff!

Even painted some matching nails inspired by the colours of the clothing!

I wore a coordinate using most of the things I bought and did some Black Friday shopping.

I ended up getting into a row with the security guard working at the H&M because instead of behaving like a professional and apologising for not telling me the correct policy at H&M, he decided to vehemently deny I even spoke to him, even though I had seen him barely half an hour before. The day was pretty much ruined thanks to that, but I tried to make the best of it by splurging my money elsewhere on gifts for my friends. Originally H&M was going to be my one-stop shoppe, but now I'm no longer interested in giving them my money. =\ Instead my friends are going to get awesome goodies from Sephora and Lush! I think in the end they'll probably like those presents more anyways.

The next day, I totally spent over nearly $100 on gifts for my family at Lush, and purchased three new bath bombs and a new face and body scrub for my boyfriend and I! I've been making it a point to go to the gym often again, so a nice long soak in the tub to relax sore muscles is the beeeest.

I ended up wanting to recreate an ocean in my tub so I used the lovely Big Blue bath bomb and scrubbed myself smooth with their Ocean Salt bath scrub. I basically created a little ocean in my tub!

You just want to stir the Ocean Salt bath scrub a bit before use.

Some people may find Lush's bath bombs a bit gross, but I really love how a lot of them come stuffed full with surprises! Big Blue is loaded with blue colouring, salt, and... SEAWEED!

Best idea ever--I ended up floating in blue water and seaweed and it was great! I then scrubbed myself with the salty Ocean Salt scrub and my skin couldn't have been smoother. I really like this scrub because it's great for your face as well and didn't make me break out! I feel like my skin is new and brightened already.

Coming up next: a blog post all about my International Lolita Day! The first one I have ever celebrated with other lolitas~ ♥

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