Lolita Blog Carnival #10: DIY Gift Ideas

I'm super thrilled about this blog topic considering the holiday season is coming up and I have been unseasonably excited for gift-giving this year, so I'm going to jump right into this topic!

Buying gifts for a lolita can be really straining on the budget because even the simplest items can be over 60 USD! So what do you do when you really want to get something memorable but just don't have the money yourself? Make a crafting day out of it! I don't think there's a single person who won't appreciate a well-made handmade gift, and you don't need to be the most skilled seamstress in the world to make any of these gifts either!

(Photo Credit: She Beads)

Why don't you make a gorgeous necklace and bracelet that matches your friends' favourite dress in her wardrobe? Jewelry making doesn't have to be complicated, and as long as you use nice, high-quality, materials it won't look cheap, even if you are a novice. It can even be a lot of fun going to craft stores and finding cute pony charms, or elegant crosses for a gothic lolita. Not to mention, the ultra-popular marshmallow bead seen in a lot of sweet lolita jewelry is extremely simple to make! All you have to do is roll out three long strips of different coloured clay, lie two next to each other and put on on top of that, then twist! I prefer using Crayola foam clay for this kind of thing vs. Sculpey or any other clay you have to bake because they are easier to handle.

A really simple DIY gift idea for if you don't really have an affinity for any sort of craft is making a cute picture frame that has a photo of your choice inside. You can either print some beautiful lolita illustrations to go inside, or maybe even a photo of you and your friend dressed in all your loli finery! Find a frame you like, and if it's not in a colour you're absolutely in love with, you can easily paint it using a primer spray and then a quick coat of glossy paint over it. Use stickers, jewelery cabochons, or even leave it the way it is for an elegant gift that can be displayed anywhere! All you'd really need for this idea is a hot glue gun and some paint. If you do want to craft more, you can make your own decorations for the frame out of clay and paint them yourself.

My final, and favourite idea, is a gift that isn't only handmade, but is practical too. Who won't appreciate something they can use that is also made with love? Making a simple apron, whether it is a maid-style apron with the front bib or just a waist-tying apron can add a cute touch to a lolita outfit, but can also be used if you're simply doing something a bit messy while dressed up in an expensive dress. This is really a good idea for someone you know who wears lolita a majority of the time, or who even loves cooking and crafting! Adding a touch of lolita cuteness when baking at home or working with hot glue could be really great!

I rate the sewing level for an apron around a 5 out of 10 at its most complicated. You have a choice of making either a simple waist-tying apron without a ruffle, which would be super easy since all you'd need are two pieces for each waist tie (or even one long piece if you want to make a waist band and have enough fabric for it), and another piece for the actual apron. Adding pockets is super easy, and using ric-rac instead of a gathered piece of fabric for an additional ruffle can also make it easier. Adding a bib just requires another bib piece and two more pieces for waist ties.

From experience, even though those aprons with the adorable criss-crossed waist ties in the back is really cute, they're a real pain to put on unless you include buttons that can make the apron easier to wear (which in my opinion) really increases the amount of time it takes to make the apron. You can do a simple neck tie instead, and it still looks just as nice from the front!

A fellow Lolita Blog Carnival blogger actually made a lovely tutorial on how to make an underbust maid apron by hand! Please take a look at Hello Batty's blog to see more step-by-step instructions from her! I wanted to make my own tutorial but I just ran out of time. ;3;

If you don't think you have the skills to make something, you can add a beautiful DIY personal touch to any gift with some gorgeous gift wrap as well. Check out Eat Drink Chic for some great free downloads of beautiful designs for creative gift tags and decor~

I just wanted to list three ideas here since there are so many more amazing bloggers that are going to talk about the same topic, and I'm sure they'll cover some of the ideas I ended up cutting out. =) Please check them out!


  1. You offer a lot of creative gift ideas, which really go well for any holiday. My favorite gift to give is picture frames because they go great for every holiday. I usually buy discounted picture frames and then personalize them myself by painting them or gluing beads or tying a lace around them.

    1. That is definitely a great idea! I love doing the picture frame thing, especially if I know what they have in their house, since you can make something that stands out but also fits the whole decor in their interior. Much better than getting a plain old black frame and hoping for the best!


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