Lolita 52: Nails to match my favourite looks!

I'm so sorry for the silence on my end, it's been a while! I see a couple of new followers (possibly from Florida Supercon?), welcome!

Today I wanted to write a little bit about the topic I drew today--nails to match my favourite looks! This past year I wanted to make more of a point to play with nailpolish, and I am really glad I sat down and gave it a try, because now I have some awesome pictures I want to share!

Not all of these outfits are lolita outfits, and these aren't all the types of nails I have done recently (I usually forget to take photos of them), but here are my favourites! I tried to put them in some rough order from least favourite to most favourite (although I loved them all, haha)~

5. Bold stripe with a touch of gold.

To match this casual outfit I put together, I tried to experiment with a bold slanted line and two colours I would have never really thought to combine (a glittering camel and a hot pink). I really liked the combination, I just wish I could have been neater... They took me hours to do too!

4. Oh so fruity nails!

I think this is the first time I ever tried to do something super complex with my nails. I made the middle finger look like a strawberry and made light green and dark green stripes on the other nails to match the dress I was wearing that day! My boyfriend later pointed out that my green nails looked like a watermelon, which was entirely unintentional, haha.

3. Geometric galaxxxy!

My latest LookBook look also had a set of nails to match! The black you see in the design is actually a very dark glittery grey that I fell in love with. My fingers were drying really badly from all the nail polish remover I had to use to keep correcting the nail art, and even though it's not the most complex set of nails I have done, they were the most time consuming because of all the super straight lines I had to make. I really need to invest in better nail stickers--I only use gift wrap tape right now!

2. Combining the Triforce!

Despite being such simple nail art, I'm just really proud I came up with the idea of separating the pieces of the Triforce onto different nails to combine them in a pose, haha! I was pleasantly surprised how many people actually noticed why I kept posing really strangely to reveal them.

1. Misty Sky.

By far my favourite nail art to date: my Misty Sky nails! I destroyed three paint brushes in an attempt to get the soft cloud look I wanted with all the shades of lilac I had stashed away in my nail polish collection. I even tried to get the little moon on the middle finger!


  1. I love nail art in general and it is really interesting to see what sorts of designs you have created <3

    1. Thank you!! =D I've been blessed with some pretty hard-as-rock nails, so it makes nail art a lot easier for me to do~ It seems like such a waste when my nails go un-polished.


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