LBC: The non-lolita style I have fallen in love with.

It has been a long time since I participated in a Lolita Blog Carnival, so I thought I'd enter once again! =) For those of you who do not know what LBC is, it's a group of blogs that try to post about the same topic on the same day, once a week! It's open to anyone who blogs about lolita relatively often, so feel free to join if you are interested! Check out our Facebook group!

This week's topic is "the non-lolita style I have fallen in love with." Truth be told, I pretty much dip my fingers in as many Japanese fashions as I can just because I'm fickle and scatterbrained, so it was pretty hard to pick just one style I could really spotlight.

So I decided to pick out a style that I very much adore but I feel like I have not been able to really properly pull off yet--and a style I really can't describe with a simple name, aside from pop-kei--but even then it doesn't seem to be right. (For now I'll just keep referring to it in that way.) The best example of pop-kei in terms of a brand that I can think of is galaxxxy. I have a huge obsession with it, but every time I slap some things on, ready to wear something bright, funky, and reminiscent of the 90's, it ends up becoming so diluted and girly it ends up turning into fairy-kei. I blame my obsession with pastels.

Some of my biggest inspirations for pop-kei style are fellow galaxxxy spokesmodels!

Julie Doll, of Smileysquid has been a huge inspiration for yeeeears, and I have been honoured to get to work with her as a galaxxxy spokesmodel! The outfits she wears to all these cool and fun events are mind-blowing, and something I aspire to do with new wardrobe additions.

Yume also has some spectacular looks that just pretty much encompass that kind of bright and edgy style I really adore. Not to mention her make-up is always top-notch and oh-so-colourful! I have a lot of trouble pulling off bright make-up colours on my eyes (I love them on my lips), so I'm trying to work on that, and looking at her photos is a great source of inspiration for me!

I really need to work outside of my comfort zone and actually add a bit more black to my outfits... I'm always shying away from the colour because I have never been a huge fan of it, and would much prefer working with more colours. In the end I took the plunge and decided to purchase a black lolita dress and play around with it for a party!

I ended up just really not liking how the dress felt on me, and in the end I have decided to sell it! It's still up for sale, please inquire if you're interested in purchasing it from me. =)

Maybe sometime in the future I'll find that perfect black item of clothing to rock. Who knows, maybe galaxxxy can help me with that?

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  1. Congrats on being a galaxxxy girl! I love their line.

    1. Thank you Shannie!! =DD It's so great being offered this opportunity. Right now I am obsessed with their Dreamcast line.

  2. I really love both Yume's and Julie Doll's style.. they are very inspiring! I do like the look you created with the black dress, but if you don't like how the dress looks/feels.. at least you tried right? ^^

    1. Of course! I'm really happy I at least gave it a shot this time, hehe~ =) Hopefully I can really dive into this style in the future!

  3. It's a great opportunity to be a galaxxxy girl. I'm sure it will give you all sorts of inspiration for your lolita coords.

    I don't know how I feel about the style for daily wear, but I do want to try to incorporate some of the bright busy colors. What do you like most about the style? Like, do you have any tips?


    1. Thank you, I'm so happy to be offered the opportunity! It actually has been helping me dress up in other fashions too and see things in a new light, although I feel that I may be graduating out of lolita soon.

      Although I don't think I could wear an alternative fashion every day (just for practicality reasons), I feel like this style in particular is much EASIER to put together. There aren't as many layers, and you don't need to think so seriously about the colours matching perfectly because that kind of spontaneity really makes the fashion!

      If you're not used to using bold colours, start off small. Buy bright accessories like chunky necklaces and bracelets and try to work it into a coordinate. Like wear a light mint dress with a bright pink necklace and bracelet, or even a purse, to make it pop! Also, definitely look into coordinates that use colour-blocking--that really helped me figure out how to work with those bright colours. =D

      Hope I was able to help you out! =3


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