Another trip to New York!

I thought I would share some photos of my recent trip to New York!

I especially loved this trip because I was really able to dictate where I wanted to go and the types of places I'd enjoy seeing. Hopefully next time I get to go alone or with someone with similar taste so I can cram even more into my trip! Really the whole shebang revolved around food. I was in the mood for traveling light so most of my photos are from my iPhone. @3@

It's been over two months since I was there so my photos are a little out of order since I frankly can't remember the timeline of events now. ;A; Any perfectly square photo in this post is from my Instagram

Of course, the first thing I did the moment I could sit down was Rando something around me--and what else could I be possibly sitting in but the Subway? I hadn't even put my bags down and the adventures began.

The next day I got to meet up with a couple of my friends from undergrad who live in the area, and I made them take me to the nearest Momofuku Milk Bar. I heard so much about it before my visit there and I just had to go! I am so glad they ship online because I am constantly craving their cereal milk now.

I highly recommend Milk Bar to people who love cornflakes and milk. It wasn't really to my friends' liking, but I adored it. *A* Definitely an acquired taste and a unique place to visit during a lunch break.

Spotted a silly Foursquare poster in the Milk Bar.

Louie Vuitton probably had the best display while I was there. Gold-plated dinosaurs holding their products! So many people took photos in front of them.

My first day out and about during my trip also had the worst weather. I'm so used to Florida rain I thought I could rough it through New York rain and had completely forgotten that their rain is cold and harsh. Here is a snap of ceiling when you're inside the Apple Store! We were taking shelter from the rain and charging our phones.

I pretty much had Korean food every day. I kept stumbling upon Koreatown without really planning it over and over again--not that I'll complain. The name of this restaurant is slipping my mind right now but I went here my last visit to New York as well and it is still probably my favourite place there in the middle price range. Service is lacking though--both times I went some of the people there had huge attitudes, but the food makes up for it. (I'm one of the few who lets bad service slide in the face of good food and a clean restaurant, heeeh.)

Of course the huge Nintendo fangirl in me could not leave New York without visiting the Nintendo World store. I was absolutely in love. Animal Crossing had released pretty recently when I was in the area, so they were having Animal Crossing events every Friday! This was a Thursday but I wholly intended to go again the next day.

(Click to enlarge!) A panorama I took of the "History of Nintendo" wall in the store. I wish it came out a bit better, but I'm still really pleased with it. I also have a video of it on my Instagram.

A shot of me in front of the Animal Crossing display! I'm so sad, I recently found out the Nintendo World got the adorable Pikmin 3 display from E3 in their store, I would have loved a photo with it.

The next day I wore a toned-down version of this coordinate (I wore this later for Florida SuperCon day 1) for the Animal Crossing event! I had an absolute blast--and then came the real surprise!

REGGIE. Reggie Fils-Aime happened to be in the area since he had taped a show with Jimmy Kimmel and showed up to beam his Animal Crossing house to us! I freaked out. I was within touching distance of him THREE times and totally blanked on what to say--he made an attempt shake my hand and I just waved like a total doofus. I was starstruck. My body is ready!!

The rest of the night I wandered around with a weird Reggie hangover.

I actually stayed in Jersey during my stay because it was more affordable and convenient for us, since I ended up staying in someone's apartment vs. getting a hotel. I had plenty of chances to see the beautiful New York skyline during my commute.

On Saturday, I met up with another old friend of mine, and I finally had a chance to visit the High Line! For those of you who are not familiar with it, High Line Park is a beautiful park built on old railroad tracks, so it's actually well above the ground. I wish I brought my good camera along for the ride but I still managed to get some beautiful photos on my phone.

Not to mention there were New York-local food stalls scattered throughout the park. This was a Plum-plum Cherry pop from the People's Pops! It had bits of sour plum (ume) scattered through the cherry-flavoured popsicle--absolutely delicious. It was so hot though, it melted in moments and I could barely eat it fast enough. Since the whole popsicle was made out of natural ingredients, my hands were SUPER sticky afterwards.

Later that night I had a small celebration with the same friend and got her to boot up her old Animal Crossing game and drink yummy sake and nibble on snacks from Mitsuwa Marketplace. It was weird seeing how much the game has changed, and also not changed at all.

The rest of the visit included repeat trips to my favourite Koreatown haunt--Paris Baguette as well as Otafuku, this delicious Japanese street food place that made my favourite dish--okonomiyaki!

On my second trip to Otafuku though, I noticed I had completely ignored a beautiful tea house called Cha-an. You better believed I went straight inside to eat their delicious food. Their summer menu included a delicious rice soup that was served cold with iced broth cubes. I had also ordered sake ice cream for dessert, delicious!

Like I said before, this trip was just filled with oodles and oodles of food. I didn't buy many clothing items (although I did get a couple of Uniqlo's collaboration stuff), and rather spent the money on trying out every restaurant that tickled my fancy during my adventure. Thank goodness for an unlimited week-long Subway pass! I ended up leaving with tonnes of street passes on my brand new 3DS, it was awesome!

Thank you for reading, I hope to write a new post soon!


  1. This has made me so nostalgic for my hometown! I'll have to try that milk bar, it seems like a cool concept! And the Nintendo store is for sure a must see... I can't wait until the next time I get to visit!

    1. I consider myself very lucky that I'm able to visit there as often as I do despite being literally on the other end of the country, haha! I love New York!

      DEFINITELY try out the Milk Bar, I think everyone needs to go there at least once, haha! The Nintendo Store is the best thing--I've always been a Nintendo fangirl so seeing all the displays and merchandise just makes me so happy!

  2. OMG hi avina i found you ;u;
    also "game of cones" is p hilarious.

    1. Omg HI AGNI!! Thanks for finding me~

      Yes, Game of Cones made me laugh super hard!


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