KKS: A year in review.

(Heh, do you like that? I think I'll start abbreviating my blog as KKS when I refer to it now, it kind of sounds cool. *A*)

Facebook has been doing this handy dandy "Year in Review" thing where it arranges all your photos and major events. I'm not one for really updating my Facebook properly (especially with pictures) since I tend to post the pictures on their representative communities and not on my profile, so a lot of things were missing. For this reason I decided to go over the major events that happened each month and do my own blog, year in review! This will be very picture heavy, but I hope you enjoy it anyways--a lot of these photos haven't really been posted anywhere else.


I started off the year right by going to DisneyWorld with some friends! =D We went to Magic Kingdom and enjoyed the legendary pineapple float. *A* I made a skirt made out of some awesome space fabric (that I totally botched the waist band on), and went as a Hipster Queen! It was great taking a photo of my skirt inside Space Mountain, it's my favourite ride and has inspired me since I was a kid.


I had so much fun attending Megacon in Orlando with my University's Anime Club. It was a lot of work trying to organise a whole trip to go there, but it was so great. We probably won't be able to do this again next year since the date falls during Spring Break for the school so we won't get funding for it. ;3;

Also, definitely not a small feat, I met Cindy Morgan and spoke to her about feminism and sexism in acting for nearly an hour! It was absolutely great having such an intimate conversation with someone who played an influential role with the first Tron movie. *A* This is also when I first started to feed my alpaca obsession. I was babbling about how cons always sell alpacas the whole way there and ran straight into the dealers room to buy two alpacas, an alpaca purse, and an alpaca hat! >3< My outfit was just a random over-the-top white rabbit that I threw together at the last minute since I didn't have time to make a cosplay. Senior year was sooo busy.


March is the most interesting time of year for me because I get to visit my dad wherever he's working for Spring Break! This time I went to London for the first time and absolutely fell in love. I never thought I'd like it as much as I did, but the environment (and the shopping!) was great. I look so derpy in these photos because I did the majority of the travelling while I was alone and had to ask random people to photograph me, and I felt bad asking for re-takes. D= Living in a hot climate, I never seem to have enough clothes to layer for the chilly weather in other countries and places, but London was really sunny the week I was there.

I pretty much went to all the typical tourist attractions but also made it a point to go to Camden Lock Market and the Stables Market as well! I also went to Covent Garden multiple times because I was obsessed with the stores there. Not to mention the flagship Lush store was there! *A*


(Look! Another photo of me and Saya-Loura!)

Photo Credit: Vince Fung Photography

Probably the most stressful month out of the year for me. *A* I played a hand as the panel coordinator of my university's first ever anime and gaming convention, Miami HurriCon! We ended up arranging Little Kuriboh and Marianne Miller to come visit all the way from California, and I helped run a Japanese street fashion panel and fashion show where all my friends volunteered to be models. =D It was their first time wearing a lot of the clothing and I was so overwhelmed with gratitude that they were willing to help out. I even judged a cosplay contest as a last-minute addition. It was great fun!

You're going to have to excuse the holy mess I look in these photos. It ended up being hot and raining that day, and most of the convention was outdoors, and I had absolutely no breaks to run into a bathroom and adjust what I was wearing. I am being absolutely serious--no breaks. Hence the stress. It's great to look back on though!

(This is also when I started to update my LookBook again HEYO~)


Probably one of the biggest events of my life, I graduated with a Bachelor's Degree in Sociology and Psychology this year. It was heart-wrenching having to separate from the life-long friends I have made during college, but we're planning reunions. ;3; Pretty much everyone lives in New Jersey, New York, and Connecticut now. I love you guys!!


Aside from the fact that I FINALLY started updating my blog this month, it was also my 21st birthday! I spent the majority of the month in my hometown San José, I miss it every day. For some odd reason I can't find a photo of myself wearing the sari I was gifted on my birthday, which makes me sad. ;3; It's probably tucked away on an SD card I can't find...


I spent the whole month doing an internship with my uncle who is an immigration lawyer in Maryland. But I remember this month because my childhood friend, Star, passed away near the end of the month. It's a sad way to think about this month, but I miss her so much and remember her all the time. I mentioned in a previous post that I don't have recent photos of her, so have a super old photo I took of her a year or so ago.


I was selected to represent Fable Streams as a female gamer, and I was thrilled to be able to wear costumes made by Lady Gaga's designers for an awesome weekend at GenCon! We were a big hit, thanks to everyone there who made that weekend possible. It was really busy and sometimes a bit overwhelming, but it was also a lot of fun. I even got more alpacas out of it! =D I also friggen got to meet Nichelle Nichols and got part of my costume signed by her!! *A*

This is of course another important month for me because I took the plunge and decided to adopt my new puppy, Sora after my previous dog passed away. Believe it or not, she came with the name! A lot of people thought I named her after the Kingdom Hearts character. >3< I just love how her name means "Sky" after I lost Star. The picture I have of her was soon after she I took her in--she had stitches and some of her fur shaved off because of a bad fight she had gotten into. I'm happy she's all healed up now!


My first lolita meet-up since I took a break from the lolita community for a couple of years! I got to meet Hello Kitty and all the girls that have joined the community since I had left. They are all so super sweet, and there are many more than I remember being two years ago! I'm really glad I decided to go out and meet them all, I have met some great friends and gotten closer to some old ones since then.


Of course, all the build-up until Halloween! I made a lot of things this month for the holiday, it was great fun. I went to TWO fun lolita meet-ups this month, one was at a pumpkin patch where I stopped off at Tate's later and picked up my Moon Rod, and another was my friend's birthday party/Halloween party.


A relatively uneventful month. I went to a Thanksgiving meet-up and started making it a point to go to the gym more and turn things around! I was also crowned Queen of Hengao this month, hence the amazingly photogenic photo of myself.


Of course, I went to Legend of Zelda: Symphony of the Goddesses, it was spectacular!! I also participated in a Secret Santa meet-up, so I included a photo of my newest look on LookBook. =) Hope you all enjoy!

And the best news yet; this morning I received confirmation that I was accepted into Miami Law, so unless I find a better deal/school elsewhere, my law school career has been set! I am so thrilled and absolutely overwhelmed.

This year has been pretty incredible, and I can't wait for the next one! Thanks for sticking around until the end of the post, and maybe I can do a "plans for 2013" post in the near future, since I had some readers request I talk about conventions I plan to attend. =) I'm also planning on going to DisneyWorld with some old friends one of the last few days of the year, so this year isn't quite wrapped up yet!

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