Galaxxxy Photoshoot at Sloan's!

My friend Meggie (of Sweetie Cakes) and I have always been huge fans of Galaxxxy, and when we heard they were looking for spokesmodels, we thought we'd take some photos together to send to them~ =D We recently went crazy buying matching things from Forever21 and tried to add our own flair to our matching outfits.

I went crazy editing the photos I used for my LookBook and absolutely loved the tint that came out of it. My circle lenses even showed up in the close-up!

I'm also pretty convinced that I'm a Sweetie Cakes' "Sweetie" like how Black Milk collectors are "Sharkies," haha~ I now have one of each style of tights Meggie has ever made!! No regrets~

Isn't the setting for most of these photos absolutely spectacular?? We went to Sloan's, an ice cream shoppe and candy parlour that had an outstanding amount of effort put into it. *A* Here are more photos that I took of the rest of the store.

My ceiling fetish strikes again! They actually painted ice cream sundaes and sandwiches on the ceiling with cute babies, haha~ And everything was so pink!!

That window there is so cool! You can see into the women's restroom, so when you lock the door, the whole window fogs up for privacy. It was such an awesome idea. *A* I've seen that kind of window in offices before, but it's kind of daring in a restroom.

They had lots of cute old toys too~

They sold cookies, even cute dog treats, and of course, their ice cream was good too. ;D Meggie had the blue ice cream, which was cotton candy with some gummy bears in it, and I had Birthday Cake along with the photographer of the day~ It actually had big chunks of cake in it and was absolutely divine!

They even had an adorable train that ran all through the store! There was one that ran in front of the cash registers and another that went around the ceiling. You can see it passing by in the photo of the bathroom window. There was also a bunch of rainbow chandeliers all down one side.

Have a stupid outtake that pretty much represented the whole photoshoot--my wig getting stuck on everything and LOOKING KAWAII. Meggie and I were self-styled, Meggie thought of the location, and lovely Veronica took the photos for us~

The funniest thing to come out of all this was a security guard asking me if my "I ♥ Spank!" pin meant that I actually liked being spanked. Thaaat was awkward.


  1. hahah @ your Spank pin. i wish there was a Sloan's around where i live!

    1. It was sooo horrible. He even slapped his hands together as he asked me the question and it was just so bad. D: Sloan's is so great! There's really quite a lot of awesome ice cream shoppes all over Florida, probably because of the weather. *A*

  2. Omg I need to go here someday! Why aren't Sloan's where I live? ;w;
    You look super cute, I love it!

    1. I am constantly craving that birthday cake ice cream now. ;A; I wish they were as common as Starbucks or something.

      And thank you so much~ =D

  3. you both looks so cute!!!I love the shop and ur silver galactic skirts <3


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