Salopette Madness + Dearie Review

Whew, I just got back from a crazy busy trip in Indiana! I attended GenCon for business-related stuff (I will totally blog about that later), and just wanted to write a bit about my newest obsession and show off a couple of pictures of my new rescue, Sora!

Hype this look HERE if you like what you see!

For those of you more unfamiliar with the Japanese language's love of borrowing words from lots of different languages--salopette 「サロペット」 is the more commonly used word for "overalls," and it is a borrowed French word. Having studied 5 years of French and a couple years of Japanese, I kind of like saying "salopette" more than overalls, haha!

Basically, I have slowly been leaving more hardcore lolita fashion, and wearing more otome or toned-down styles. I only wear strict lolita to conventions or for photoshoots nowadays, and I think it is a better choice for both my wallet and my sanity. XD

When I went to the Baby, the Stars Shine Bright store in San Francisco earlier in the summer, I was absolutely torn between picking up Twinkle Constellation's OP or something a bit more practical, since I really just don't wear full-on lolita as often as I'd like. What I ended up picking up was this gorgeous Rococo Rose pattern salopette in "vintage blue." I would honestly describe it as looking more like a mint though (that's the one in the centre).

I picked up the Lyrical Bunny lucky pack salopette in lavender with the matching barette off of a second-hand sales community too!

And then I finally ordered from Cawaii and picked up this adorable baggy pair of denim overalls that I wore a few days back in the look above. I will do a review of the shopping service I used at a later date, but I absolutely adore how comfortable it is! Here are some photos of the back and an accessory shot of the look. You can see Sora in the first photo!

Onto this entry's review. A couple of my friends who live in Southern California had purchased some adorable things from Dearie's artist alley booths at the conventions there--but she only opened up a webshop recently. I was so excited to hear that she finally went ahead and opened one up, and someone who is far away like me, could finally enjoy her adorable pieces!

Here are some photos of the packaging and brooch. She even gave me an adorable little note, I love to save them all!

I ordered the "Bunny Royale 2-way Clip" and it was picture perfect, exactly what I was expecting. She shipped quickly and I was surprised to discover that the rabbit portion was actually thick canvas-like material. Super durable! It's the perfect touch to a mori look.

Shipping: 5/5 (Quick, cheap, and efficient!)
Quality: 5/5 (No complaints here!)
Overall: 5/5

Hope you enjoyed reading!

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