Follow-up on Palty Dye+Root Touch-up Bleach!

Lately my schedule has been fantastic after adopting a new dog (I'll do a post about her soon enough), since she wakes me up right at 7 am (much to my boyfriend's dismay). I'll probably post updates super early in the morning now so I can have the rest of the day to study for my LSAT and run errands. =)

Today, I'm going to continue my previous review about Palty Milk Tea Brown dye--as well as one of their other products, root touch-up bleach! (Excuse the iPhone photos, ALL of my cameras batteries ran out at the same time, so I had to make do with what I have.) These photos have not been edited at all except to add watermark.

The best part about Palty root touch-up is that they give you more than enough product for multiple uses. It's pretty expensive (although I got it for a steal at Mitsuwa--only 9 bucks! It usually retails for around 14), not to mention tedious ordering foreign dyes when you don't live near a Japanese store, so this is super handy.

Stupid me completely forgot to take a photo of the roots beforehand--but I have PITCH black hair--the blackest of the black--almost to the point of being blue.

I left the bleach in for about 30-35 minutes, and got a result that isn't half bad--a beautiful nut brown vs. a more orangey bleached look. Obviously this is not blending into the rest of my hair at all, but I was expecting that because look at how much the original colouring faded.

For comparison, the curly extensions in my hand are maybe a shade darker than my hair was when I first dyed it with Palty Milk Tea Brown. Look at how orange it is now! I dyed my hair around the first week of June, and waited much too long to re-dye it due to not having time/having product. A little over two months later, pretty much all the dye has washed out and my roots are also too long for a regular root touch-up. That being said, my roots turned out really well, and dyed evenly. Good job Palty!

After dying my hair, my roots blended into the rest of my hair almost perfectly (they could be sliiightly lighter near the back of my head), and my hair colour is definitely closer to the colour of my extensions (I can definitely pull them off again, that's for sure). In the future, to save money I may only retouch the top 2/3rds of my hair and leave the rest its bleached colour for an ombré look. *A*

Another photo of my hair in natural lighting.

I used three bottles of Palty Milk Tea Brown again to do my whole head, and realised that one of the boxes had the familiar image of Tsubasa Masukawa, but two of the other had an unknown model. After opening up all the boxes, I realised that nothing has changed but the instruction manual! It now comes in Chinese, Korean, and English in the boxes that have the other model on it. I would have pictures, but I already threw it in the trash and when I attempted to salvage them I realised they were covered in banana--oh no!

The instructions included that for new growth, apply to the new growth first and leave for 5 minutes, and then apply to the rest of the hair. I went ahead and followed those instructions and it worked for me--but I just went right to the rest of my hair instead of waiting since it already took me so long to do my roots. I think it came out well!

Root Bleach: 4/5 (I honestly wasn't expecting it to do such a great job--and although it didn't lighten to the rest of my hair, it allowed for it to be properly blended into the freshly dyed hair later on. It also reduced how obvious my roots looked before.)
Dye: 5/5 (Yet again!)
Price: 5/5 (I found everything super cheap in Mitsuwa. Plus you can re-use the root bleach, I have enough left for another application if I make sure I don't wait as long next time!)
Overall: 4/5 (It was great for me!)


  1. Black hair almost to the point of being blue?? That sounds kinda cool!

    1. Yup! That's how my hair looks virgin! I spend a lot of time outdoors though, so it tends to get sun-bleached a bit. But if I stayed indoors all the time, it would definitely be super-black like that.


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