After attending Indy GenCon this past weekend, I have had a lot of requests to be added as a friend--but the problem is, I tend to keep my personal Facebook to just IRL friends and coworkers. For this reason, I went ahead and made a Facebook fanpage for this blog and my online "persona," for lack of a better word, so people can stay in the loop their own way. Apparently Facebook is pretty much a necessity nowadays, and I always want to stay in touch with the people I meet through conventions!

Please click through the photo below to be redirected to my brand new Facebook page! Feel free to ask me questions or fuel a discussion--I currently have a post about femininity and empowerment up on the page and would love to see what everyone can contribute to the discussion.

Although this blog has mostly been about webstore reviews and fashion-related finds, I definitely want to make sure that my initial passion also comes across--I am very much into activism and eradicating the unbalanced power dynamics that are so prevalent in (especially) American society. Hopefully my Facebook can get that across more.

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