Trying to get motivated...

I have been having a hard time picking myself up and getting motivated every day. I feel like there are just not enough hours in the day! I can't even bring myself to sit down and blog... I wonder what's going on?? ミ●﹏☉ミ

Even though I am a poor example of showing how to get motivated (since I'm having so much trouble myself!) I thought I'd share one of my hobbies that gets me the most motivated!! Cooking!

After moving into my new apartment right by the bay, I made it a point to eat dinner outside with my boyfriend every night. We are both so busy with studying, dinnertime is that time of the day where we can sit down and unwind a bit and talk. And it's even more fun to cook something really nice and meaningful when we do~ Both of us team up and make dinner together, and here are the results of our efforts.

I got these cute little collapsable food covers from DAISO just for the occasion for when we sit outside to eat dinner!

That day we ate simple fried rice, this yummy potato dish that my boyfriend always makes (it's a really simple Chinese dish he grew up eating), and some steamed salmon. =) It was my first attempt steaming them and it came out so well! I highly suggest steaming fish as a quick and easy dinner entrée. Not to mention it's healthy too!

We ate earlier this day. I made more steamed salmon, except this time I added a lot more vegetables to it--red bellpeppers, spinach, and mushrooms! My boyfriend tried his hand at making snap peas, and I made a rice dish with bean sprouts. Also, we chopped up a bunch of fruit to eat!

Dragonfruit and honeydew, yum yum!! I think I made curry that day (it was a yummy Vermont-style curry with apple and honey in it. It sounds really gross but it wasn't sweet at all, it added this amazing flavour to it!) but it's covered up by the lid. In the back was my boyfriend's dish of the day, pan-fried lotus!

I made mapo eggplant and my boyfriend made string beans. =) It was our first time trying both dishes and we weren't really happy with either, but hopefully they taste better next time!

Yakisoba night!! It's a really easy dish, and tonnes of fun to make. =) We had a little bit of leftover eggplant curry that my mum made Indian style, so I didn't want to make that much food. The bag in the corner looks a bit shady, but it's just nori furikake, haha~

I had a lot more photos to share, but my SD card reader is broken... It randomly died on me while I was trying to put up this blog post, so that's all for now! This way it won't get too long too.

What kind of dinners do you like to eat? Let's do a recipe swap sometime!


  1. Everything looks so yummy! And sooo different from my own cooking!! ^^ I've posted a lot of picture of my own cooking here recently: http://www.myasianfashion.com/forums/display_topic/id_963/page_33/

    (btw it's really hard to comment on your blog, I have to click the link and open it in a new tab for it to load)

    1. I'm sorry. ;A; Apparently this layout didn't come with a comment box, so I had to program it in with my boyfriend's help. I'm in the process of revamping my blog layout though, hopefully that fixes the problem. *3*

      And I will definitely check out the food you made!! I love seeing what everyone cooks.


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