Renaissance Faire Meet-up.

I am finally starting to go through all my photos on my two SD cards, although totally out of order. The next massive photodump I am going to do on this blog will be for things that happened a couple months prior to this event! My whole timeline is screwed up, aaugh.

I try to go to a Renaissance Faire every year, and this is my second year at this particular one! It was a total blast. It's a bit on the smaller end due to the venue, but I absolutely love how everything is so shady and covered with trees.

But first off, what I wore! (Just a quick sidenote, you'll see that my hands are always obsessively touching my hair... That's because I was just not able to find the pins I needed to secure the hairstyle that morning but I stubbornly went to the meet-up anyways with the impractical 'do. So in pretty much every photo I'm trying to redo it or just holding it in place, FFFFF.)

With this, my LookBook folder has gone around full circle with its dates! The first photo I posted for my LookBook was dated for April 5, 2012, and this photo was taken a year and a day later! Time has flown. I wore one of my most elegant pieces in my wardrobe with elf ears and a crown! I ended up looking totally different by the end of the day because I had glitter splashed on my face by a fairy, horns that I purchased from that same fairy, and then I ended up getting my hair braided.

I liked this photo from the back! I almost never appreciate how gorgeous some lolita dresses are from the back since I'm too busy wearing them!

Camwhoring for Instagram!

These were some interesting and kind of endearing pieces of pottery for sale at the Faire. It's a bit random, but I love how the colours turned out in this photo. This time, I used my Sony Alpha (which rarely sees the light of day because it has a lot of stupid power save issues) and realised why it's such a great camera all over again.

I finally got to do something from my bucket list, and that is to practice archery! I actually hit a bullseye with the first 10 arrows I ever shot! It was really hard trying to hold the bow taught, I'm a bit of a weakling. ;A;

I bought awesome horns from one of the booths! I want to wear them all the time, aaaah~ Thanks to me being obsessed with Tera, I kept telling people I was from Valkyon and kept making Castanic jokes after I plopped these horns on my head.

Group photo! Thanks everyone for coming out today~

Buuuut there's more! After everyone left, I wanted to waste some more time and decided to get my hair braided at one of the booths. The lady was suuuper nice and she filled me in on the daily life of people who work at the Renn Faire for a living. This is the kind of lifestyle I would looove to be a part of.

I was able to keep the hair style for nearly a week! It was awesome~ You'll see me wearing it with a couple of my future coordinates. I wish I had someone to braid my hair all the time. ;A; Makes me miss living with my mother, she used to braid my hair for me on a daily basis when I was younger. The ombré dye I was going for with my hair also made this this much more awesome looking when it was finished!


  1. I love your outfit and the braid at the end looks brilliant with the two-toned hair colour (^▽^) I've always wanted to go to a Renaissance Fair, but I don't think we have any in England sadly.

    1. That's so strange, I always thought England would be the first place to have a thriving Renn Faire! =O That may just be a convoluted stereotype on my end though. @3@

      I'm glad you like the braid! It was so comfortable to sleep in too, I was really surprised. =O

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