Saitam Photography x Starlight Deco Dream!

I got to work with two of my favourite people on the internet, Saitam Photography and Starlight Deco Dream! I'm super thankful I was offered this opportunity. Here are the results of our effort together! Everything is styled by myself, retouch and photography done by Saitam, and the gorgeous wigs and jewelry supplied by Starlight Deco Dream and their wig line, Mahou-kei!

The first outfit has been in the making for almost a year now! I posted an inspiration board for it here last July! The moment I received this beautiful puffy split wig from Mahou-kei, I absolutely knew I had to try and replicate the split with my shoes! It's like fate shined down on me because I found my favourite pair of lolita shoes in mint in my size on sale soon afterwards, and then I squirreled this coordinate away, waiting for when I could do the photoshoot with it.

Another outfit that I have been impatiently waiting to wear. I was inspired by Sae, Takulu, and the other Angelic Pretty clones to make a coordinate using Mahou-kei's beautiful blended wig and the only full set I own--Magical Etoile! Saitam Photography did a fantastic job editing the close-up shots!

The last outfit I wore had a totally different feel to it--this time I went for a Cult Party-kei outfit coordinating the new guro faun tights I ordered from Ophanim. I highly recommend her tights to everyone! They were thick and comfortable, and the subtle print really displays the red splashes beautifully! I am also in love with Starlight Deco Dream's heart wing earrings here.

I hope I get to do more collaborations with them in the future! Please check out their businesses and show your support!

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