Magic Kingdom on the busiest day of the year!

Any well-written guide on DisneyWorld will tell you that the weekend after Christmas and before New Year's is probably the busiest weekend to ever go to the park. But that's exactly when I decided I would go and drag a friend along! Honestly, I didn't find it that bad and I actually think Epcot during July 4th was a bit busier! I really enjoyed the park a lot this time, and even though it wasn't fully completed, the new FantasyLand attractions I did get to visit were really cool!

This is what I wore to the park!

I'm exceptionally lazy and the majority of these photos are taken from my Instagram. Check it out, I regularly document my travels on there!

It was one of the coldest days of the year when we went to the park, but even so, we braved the cold and took the ferry to the park! It's arguably the least popular this time of year, which was nice since we didn't have to brave the throngs of people rushing to the monorail when the park opened.

Christmas decorations were still up even though it was five days after the holiday! But I'm glad, this is probably my favourite part of Disney parks--holiday decor!

Shots of places both old and new in the new "Fantasyland" attraction. The first photo is a picture of Prince Eric's castle on the way into one of Ariel's rides. The next was probably my favourite part of the whole trip, the new Gaston's! There was an awesome statue of the prick in front of a restaurant that sold pork shanks. I was so excited. And of course, the ever-familiar Prince Charming Regal Carousel! It had been moved to its new home in Fantasyland!

We braved water rides and ghosts despite the cold!

Despite growing up five hours away from Disneyland and living about four hours away from DisneyWorld now, I had never purchased an embroidered hat before now! I found out from a friend that if you wear one of these customised hats, you don't get kicked out of the parks for wearing more extravagant fashions like lolita. *A* So I picked one up this time! It's an Oswald the Rabbit hat!

Of course, night time is just as beautiful in DisneyWorld.

I think my highlights of the trip was having a kiss blown to me by Prince Naveen (I blew one back and my friend swooned in response), and repeatedly meeting the same Peter Pan and crowing at him Lost Boys-style! The final time we crowed to him, he actually brought Captain Hook over to see us and asked us to crow again, much to Captain Hook's dismay. I feel like people are forgetting about Peter these days with Tinkerbell's rising popularity, so I was so happy to see him at the parks!


  1. Why must disneyworld be so far away? ._. I'm gonna turn 80 before getting a chance to visit!

    btw, "kicked out of the parks for wearing more extravagant fashions like lolita" FOR REAL!?!

    1. If you come, you should totally stay with me! I don't live too far away at all!! *A* I am a total Disney fangirl, I actually just went back there yesterday!! Yay for more pictures!

      YEAH!! They don't want you to get confused for one of the princesses--I guess it's a copyright thing? After a certain age they just want to make sure that no one will think that you are a cast member.


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