Lolita 52 Challenge: My favourite brand.

My favourite brand--this is such a hard question for me to answer. I know a couple of years back I would have automatically rattled off "Alice and the Pirates or H.Naoto!" But considering I still haven't been able to dish out money for some H.Naoto of my own and I haven't been drooling over Alice and the Pirates as much as I used to, I really have no idea what my favourite brand is. It doesn't help that not as many strictly lolita pieces have been tickling my fancy anymore, my taste has been drifting to Cult Party and Mori mostly.

Buuut if I had to sit down and pick a favourite brand, I'm going to have to say Angelic Pretty right now. I'm surprising myself saying this, but I have so many different pieces from them throughout the years (my oldest piece is probably from 2001/2002), and they always are willing to play with different aesthetics rather than get stuck doing one thing. You can get something beautiful and otome-like like Chocolate Rosette or something absolutely sugary sweet like Jewelry Jelly, or even a beautiful retro in-between like Fantastic Dolly!

After the release of Misty Sky especially, I have been absolutely taken aback by how beautiful some of Angelic Pretty's pieces are, and how they don't necessarily scream "LOLITA" all the time too, which I'm okay with honestly. I have about 10 of their pieces in my wardrobe, not including my socks and headbows, and I couldn't be happier with them. Even though a large portion of my "Dream Wardrobe" consists of things from Alice and the Pirates, in the past two or three years, nothing they have been releasing has really been screaming "BUY ME" right now, and I realise I just end up adding more Angelic Pretty as time goes on--even though I am largely graduating from super-sweet lolita.

A close second for my favourite brand is Metamorphose Temps de Fille. They rock some really strange ideas, and I like that! After that is Milky Ange, which I feel is largely unappreciated. Their clothes are so versatile and have so many pieces to them! I feel like they haven't been introducing many new designs though, I hope they become more active again. =)

Just for fun, I photographed some close-ups of my two favourite Angelic Pretty pieces I have at the moment--Magical Etoile and Misty Sky.

For the next week, I will be going on a cruise, so I have some entries queued up to post while I'm away, so forgive me for not answering my comments immediately! I hope everyone is doing well, and thank you for reading!


  1. AP totally suits you :D

    yuhuu have fun!! \o/

    1. Thank you!! I ended up having a lot of fun, although now my wallet is crying. ;A;

  2. angelic pretty is my favourite brand too.But I don't have any clothes from it because it is too expensive :( ^___^

    1. Totally check out mBok! Sometimes you find the best deals on Angelic Pretty there! I know one of my greatest buys was an AP OP for a little less than 60 bucks! It was really beautiful and great for hime too~


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