These are a few of my favourite things.

I feel horrible, I haven't really been doing blog posts off the top of my head lately and instead scheduling a bunch of Challenge posts instead. ;A; Life got really busy, I recently found out that a member of my family was hospitalised and I had to fly across the country to be with her in her time of need. A lot of my plans and exciting news had to be put off as a result of all that, so I hope you bear with me!

Here's the outfit leading into the adventure for today~

Nearly a month ago, I spent one of the last nights with my boyfriend before we were apart for nearly two weeks (which has now turned into a month thanks to my emergency, we literally switched places over the span of 24 hours, he flew back to Miami from San José right when I found out I'd be needing to go there because of my emergency) and also got together with an old friend I hadn't seen since the school year started! We grabbed delicious Korean food at my favourite restaurant which is nearly an hour away, but totally worth it.

Look at all those delicious sides!! ;A; I love ordering the Galbitang (beef short rib soup) and Bibimbap because we end up with all these sides. This restaurant loves making sure the traditional amount of sides are given per item so I had to get the perfect combination of orders to get all of my favourites. My boyfriend and I usually switch who orders what that day.

I opted for the Dolsot Bibimbap this time! It was really chilly that day so I wanted something nice and warm--plus I love the egg that comes on top. Simple and delicious!

I also recently found out that an H&M had opened in another mall nearby, so I stopped by but ended up not really liking anything except most of the men's accessories and a tweed jacket, haha! I need to lose a little weight to fit into the jacket though, accidentally bought it a size too small and it pulls at my waist. ;____; Oh well--may just end up selling it. Didn't take any photos of the store because it really wasn't any different from any other H&M I had been in up north.

But what I ended up really splurging money on was the Sanrio store in the same mall! It is one of the few legitimate Sanrio stores in my area, so I went crazy buying Jewel Pets merchandise.

I recently added some more penpals to my roster so I wanted to stock up on more cute stationary! I love how one of the Jewel Pets notepads came with a cute little hair tie. I even got a free planner and a discount coupon from buying there! I usually don't like the free stuff that Sanrio gives out, but this time it was really great and useful (probably due to the holiday season)!

I also had picked up a Naked Basics palette the night before and am in love with the shades it has. For $28 and the reliable pigments Urban Decay always has, I thought it was great! Most of the colours are matte, so it's perfect for contouring your face. I highly recommend it to anyone looking to do more gyaru make!

Ugh I miss Sora so much, I left her behind with my boyfriend. At least I can text my boyfriend, but my dog just thinks I'm dead or something. Hope you all are having a great night, I swear I'll blog about my Disney trip soon enough.


  1. this look is so magical and I also adore the stickers <3

    1. Thank you!! =D Oh man, I have a whole box just filled with stickers and I barely use them! Shame on me. ;A; I need to be less stingy with them and just slap them on all my letters so other people can enjoy them!


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