Lolita 52 Challenge: Getting out of a slump.

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This week I selected #26, how I get out of a wardrobe slump! I kind of cheated this time because I technically picked #38 before, but I thought it would be nice to do an accompanying hair tutorial with that topic, and realised I don't have the means to do that where I am currently, so I'll save it for another time.

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I've realised that the larger my wardrobe becomes, the more often I end up in a wardrobe slump, strangely enough. I just have a lot more trouble visualising new and interesting coordinates sometimes, or I just keep putting off wearing something until later and end up falling into a slump that way too. My initial reaction is to go on some retail therapy (which is really bad and NO ONE should do this, especially with lolita, you just end up making expensive and ridiculous purchases), so instead I do some closet cleaning.

I dig into my wardrobe, pull out pieces that I either forgot I had or have been neglecting and give them some TLC. Iron waist ties, do some spot cleaning, remove piling, and then start to lay out a coordinate on the bed. Sometimes when I do this I realise I don't even really like the piece anymore, so I try to sell it, and then I do some retail therapy because now you have some money put aside.

Sometimes I also end up Skyping with a friend who also dresses in the fashion, or straight up inviting someone over, and plan a coordinate for them or myself and breathe new life into my wardrobe. Sometimes you need a second brain to motivate you, and I know that's definitely the case for me. I also do some little temporary dress swaps with friends--sometimes you need something you've never really worn before to get you excited for your own clothes!

Thankfully my wardrobe slumps haven't been too bad as of late because I've been having a lot of fun with my coordinates and being playful with what I put together. I used to be really scared of criticism but not so much anymore because I have a lot of close friends who also like similar things--so I just run with it!

So tell me--what do you do to get out of your wardrobe slumps?


  1. I like your coordinates :3

    I am trying to focus on a wishlist now...because I used to buy bargains but not wearing them so much :/ I hate when things are there, sitting and unworn. I feel so bad D:

    1. Thank you! =D

      Oh man, I'm the same way. ;A; I like to buy some bargain items because I like to offer things for trade with other people, but normally I don't unless it's some kind of necessity, like a blouse or a petticoat. =(


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