Lolita Blog Carnival #7: Photo Diary

I've been wanting to do this for a while because of Zeruda's blog, but now with the Lolita Blog Carnival, I have extra motivation! Welcome to the day in the life of a lolita. =) I may do this again sometime, it seems like a lot of fun! This is what I wore that day:

Onto the actual photo diary! I don't have photos for part 6 just yet because I forgot to take photos of them. I'll do it tonight though since I'll be able to replicate it for the most part. Sorry about that. ;3;

1. Wake up wrapped up in Victoria's Secret Pink stuff. I have a huge soft spot for that store, their clothes are just so comfortable.

2. Take a long bath with my Rose Queen bath bomb, wearing my Ayesha mask. I've been stressed out, so I need to unwind!

3. Start laying out what I want to wear for the day, and then debate on when I should start getting ready to make it in time for my meeting. I always wear alternative fashion when I go to the Anime Club meetings at my university, but traffic is a tizzy and I end up at school way too early.

4. Take Sora out for her walk!

5. Paint my nails to match my outfit for the week! I'm still not very good yet, but I'm trying to practice making more designs.

6. Hop in my car, try to calm my nerves with the gangster rap radio station, and off I go, with Sora in the passenger seat of course.

7. Watch anime, hang out with friends, do some live-tweeting.

8. Go home and FINALLY get out of what I'm wearing. I call what I leave behind my cupcake poop LOL.

9. Cook a nice home-cooked meal of salmon and Bubba Gump-styled shrimp.

10. Off with my make-up, and then time to settle in for an episode of Doctor Who before bed.

Okay so it seems like I basically don't do ANYTHING usually, but Thursdays happen to be my "relaxation" day. I just kick off my shoes and make sure I have some time to myself. Sunday is my spa day. The other days I'm usually scrambling around trying to complete my law school applications, and Tuesday was voting day here in America, so it was a pretty insane week for me! I just thought I'd cover my more fashionable of days.

Just so you know, I kind of lied about what I did today. I usually go to Anime Club meetings, but this time I stayed back and played way too much Skyward Sword LOL. Here's a photo of me playing since I feel bad for lying. Thanks to my boyfriend for the photo of me walking Sora~

And just because I couldn't resist such an adorable photo of Sora, have an outtake from when I was attempting to look like I was walking my dog. Sora is giving me such a "COME ON MOM YOU'RE SO SLOW STOP IT WITH THAT CAMERA" look here, hahaha!

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  1. Bless this post!! :D And I love you Llama collection! *_*

    1. Haha! Now I want to do this more often, maybe on a whackier day I can do it again. I have 22 of these friggen things, NO REGRETS!

  2. Awwww what an amazing Arpakasso collections ♥__♥
    recently I was able to buy one myself! I'm so happy ♥

    Your post made me smile ;) I laughed at the "Cupcake poop" LOL (mainly because I do the same with my clothes XD lolita or not)

    P.s.: your outfit is really gorgeous (I LOVE THAT PRINT in that colour *_*)

    1. Hehe, thank you! I can definitely thank my wonderful friends for most of them. After I bought four at once at a convention, pretty much everyone has been giving me an alpaca for any occasion. I have one as a souvenir from my friend when she went to Japan, two birthday gifts, a graduation gift, and even an anniversary present. ONE FOR EVERY OCCASION!

      They are seriously addictive, but sooo worth it! Enjoy yours~

      I'm glad I made you laugh!! I think I have a pretty weird sense of humour, I'm glad someone else gets it. ;D Cupcake poop is truth and then some.

      And thank you for your compliment about my outfit!! I hunted down that JSK for aaages. Glad I found it. *A*

  3. what a cute dog!! *-*~

    LOL for the cupcake poop XD

    1. Aww, thank you! Sora is my biggest obsession forever and always.

      Hehehe, cupcake poop every night, I swear. XD

  4. so cute post!!! <3 and I love all ur alpacas ^^

  5. oh i loved your post, your place seems to have really interesting little details, i loved trying to figure them out from the shots (like a stalker :X haha). I adore what you wore that day, basically i have a huge love for that meta print in green. I think its one of their best released ever and you look fabulous in it, you even did your nails to match!

    I really liked reading about your day, thank you for sharing it with us.

    1. Thank you so much Jo! I remember you from EGL back when I was more active on Livejournal. =) Hello! Glad to see you're well~

      Haha, I don't think you're stalker-ish at all, I posted the photos for a reason! I think you'll really enjoy when I finally post more stuff about the inside of the bedroom. It hasn't quite reached the point I want it to be at yet, so I haven't really photographed it yet. *A*

  6. This looks like so much fun, and even though I'm not a member of the Lolita Blog Carnival I think I want to try this.


    Thank you so much for linking. I used to admire her coordinates on LookBook.nu, and now I'm ecstatic to hear I can learn more about her!

    1. You should totally try it!

      Zeruda has a Tumblr too! =) zerudaswonderland.tumblr.com! =) She's been a great friend of mine for quite a few years now, I love her coordinates too. ;3;


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