Lolita Blog Carnival #6: My Lolita Playlist

Hello everyone! As you can see, the title of this post is a bit different. I finally decided to go ahead and join the Lolita Blog Carnival on Facebook because I really liked the idea of a bunch of people simultaneously blogging about the same topic, and seeing where everyone's answers differ. I'm so excited, I decided to hop on the bandwagon for the first topic suggested since I joined, even though I don't think I'm as avid as a music listener as I used to be. =(

But at least now my readers can expect more scheduled posts from me because I have more motivation to post often. *A* Hopefully we can get more discourse this way too! Yay~

I've actually had a lolita playlist for a long time. I had it marked as my "Dress-up Playlist" on YouTube, and I would let it run in the background while I was getting ready in my lolita finery! It started off as something I did when I was wearing lolita because I liked to use the music as a confidence boost. As you've seen from some of my more depressing posts on the blog, I get harassed from time to time when I am dressed differently, and I've realised I'm much more prone to breaking down and just not taking it well at all if I start the day off on the wrong foot. I use my music playlist to really cheer up and make sure that I start off positive, so it takes a lot more for me to feel upset.

I'll only be showing everyone my top 15 choices, although my actual playlist is close to 70 songs long. Most of these songs I have provided a video for that is actually a mirrored dance video because I like to learn the dances. =) They're in no particular order, I have a hard time picking a favourite out of all of these. Also, keep in mind, although this is a "Lolita Playlist" topic, the songs don't necessarily remind me of the fashion or feature lolitas, rather, this is music that I listen to to get me all pumped up and ready to wear it out and about outside of my house. It takes a lot of prepping for me to do this.

  1. Mizca「キラキラ☆」-- An old friend called most of this playlist "squirrels on helium," especially in response to this song. Even though I have some things that aren't so happy hardcore, I find that this genre cheers me up the most, hehe~

  2. Lee Hyori - U-Go-Girl -- Funny, this Korean song has really stood the test of time for me. I have really lost a lot of my love for K-pop in the past year, but this one is just so great.
  3. Perfume - ナチュラルに恋して -- Of course a Perfume song had to make this list. I absolutely love this song, even though Edge and Nee are also favourites of mine, although I won't be including them here. This song just has a great "I'm going out!" feel, so I like it a lot for my lolita playlist.
  5. Beyoncé - Freakum Dress -- [insert snarky comment about how there is finally an American song on this playlist] I originally started the playlist filled with kind of badass, powerful women, Ciara-esque songs, but it ended up being overpowered with songs that just generally make me happy. This is one that stayed behind though, I love listening to this song to get me to feel super fierce.
  6. LukaLuka★Night Fever -- Another VOCALOID song, this time by Megurine Luka. This is just a lot of fun to dance to.
  7. miss A(미쓰에이) "Breathe"(브리드)
  8. Ayu's Euro Mega-Mix (Y&Co. Mix)
  9. Aira Mitsuki's『BARBiE BARBiE』-- This is another great up-beat song! My friend recommended this to me years ago, and since then it's remained here as a favourite.
  10. We Love Katamari「Disco Prince」-- This was a song that I have jammed out to since I first bought We Love Katamari on the PS2 in 2005!
  11. Capsule's 5ive STAR
  12. mini / GiRLS SPiRiT 
  13. Melody Line - SmileR feat. 初音ミク -- Okay, one Hatsune Miku song ended up making the list. I just love the beat to this one, not to mention the particular video I have linked to features this adorable group of three guys, Asupara, Kimagureprince, and Niichan dancing along with it in front of beautiful scenery! Eye and ear candy. *A*
  14. Motteke! Sailor Fuku [Seishun orz Mix] -- This is from a really cool album that has a bunch of different remixes for the opening for Lucky Star. I actually am not a fan of the anime, but this album was just so great.
  15. KanzentaiCell's (完全体セル) PONPONPON Cover -- Okay, I'm sure PonPonPon is a dead horse in the lolita world, but I just can't get enough of this male cover of the song. The video I included is the one I usually watch, which is the mirrored (so I can learn to do the dance!) version of Treetopfan and Melonchin dancing to the song. It's just so great and upbeat!
Hope you enjoyed reading, until next time, why don't you check out the other awesome Lolita Blog Carnival writers who posted about the same topic this week?


  1. I'm happy to find another Lolita who likes miss A!

    1. Yess! miss A is really great~ Like I said initially, I haven't been listening to much K-pop lately though. ;___; Don't know when I'll get back into it.


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