Missing a certain kind of sky.

I've been completely swamped with work at my legal internship job, so I haven't had time to really dress up or even go outside for that matter. I found myself really missing the beautiful sky this morning, and dug up a bunch of old pictures of the beautiful skies I have seen over the two years, starting in June 2010. (These are all from my Tumblr, hence the watermarks.)

I went to Malmö, Sweden two summers ago, and took a day trip to Copenhagen, and it was the best trip ever. It had rained really badly that day, and it was almost foreign to me seeing everyone bundled up so warmly in the middle of summer.

A photo of the Neiman Marcus in Union Square, San Francisco I took January of 2011. I didn't even realise I had perfectly framed the little girl in red in the centre! San Francisco isn't really notable for their blue, blue skies, but the colour it does have is still lovely.

A picture of some of the special 4th of July Fireworks Epcot had! I just love how they were star-shaped, just wish I could have taken some better photos of it. Turns out my roommate and I were only one park away from each other an never knew!

That August, I went to Chicago to visit family and visited the "Cloud Gate," otherwise known as "the bean" in Downtown Chicago. It was a normal smoggy day there though, so not many clouds ended up being reflected in the sculpture in the end. The sky was a very bright white fading to blue, although my photo editing made it look a bit yellow.

I'll be moving much closer to the beach this year, I can't wait! It's such a shame that the beaching in Miami are always so packed with people though, I prefer those rare moments where it gets pretty deserted--such as on this day. A storm was brewing and everyone had packed and run off (I think it was also the middle of the week), but I walked out there with a friend and shouted to her over the waves.

This was taken during another trip to DisneyWorld, this time to Magic Kingdom. I love taking the ferry back for the scenery vs. the (much faster) train. We were running late for a bus that we had to catch back to South Florida though, so to make use of the extra time added on to our trip since the train wasn't running at the time, my boyfriend and I took some gorgeous photos of the sunset. I just love the speckled look of the sky.

This picture and the next picture were both rather nice photos taken on my phone while I was in London this past March. I stayed at the West India Quay (pronounced "Kee"), and shivered a lot but really enjoyed the change in weather.

I took this photo of the Big Ben (you can see the House of Parliament reflected in the glass) while it was chiming on a bus tour. The tour guide said that it's leaning over 8 inches now thanks to the Tube running underneath it, holy moly! I hope they rectify that soon, I don't want the St. Stephen's Tower falling over. ;A;

And my latest photo of the sky~ This was taken last month while I was at the Santa Cruz Beach Boardwalk. I love the kitschy feel of attractions like this, the bright colours, and of course the unhealthy food! I thought I wasn't going to survive the day because it was so chilly and I was in a monokini, but I quickly got over it and just enjoyed the day (and the Dole Pineapple Floats)!

Hopefully I can actually get out and enjoy my last month of summer, but I highly doubt that with the amount of briefs and cases I'm working on. Oh well, here's to just re-living the sky through photos!

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