Pink House Style at the Lavender Festival.

Last week, I went to a small meet-up at a lavender festival in Sonoma. The first day didn't quite go as planned, so we visited a winery instead and returned the next day to observe the beautiful plants. I tried to create a coordinate with a Pink House feel using vintage and handmade items paired with a tea-length dress.

Outfit Rundown

Blouse: Vintage
Jumperskirt: Alice and the Pirates
Hat: Target altered by me
Brooch: Handmade by me
Socks: Sock Dreams
Shoes: H&M
Bag: Anne of Green Gables Mook

This time I tried to do something different with my blogging style where the post is more picture-heavy with less babbling from me. Let me know if you like this format and I'll keep trying to do this more often~ It's definitely easier for me since I have less to proofread.

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