Lolita 52: My first meet-up.

This week's topic for the Lolita 52 Challenge is #17, "My first meet-up."

The only reason I know when the meet happened is because I have one photo dated "April 4th 2009." I wish I had more photos of it, but I actually organised my first meet-up. I wore a pretty terrible outfit (I was attempting hime-lolita by wearing open-toed shoes and elbow-length gloves) and it was completely off-brand. Most of the meet-ups were really far away from my school campus, and I didn't drive at the time, so I tried to arrange something at the mall near me.

If there were any photos, there would have been very few because a security guard approached us and requested that we stop taking photos at the very beginning of our meet-up... What a shame. =| We went to a candy store, shopped around at Forever 21 (especially after one of the girls mentioned that their coordinate was mostly from there), and of course, ate lots of delicious food. I think that's actually when my love affair with Forever 21 started! Up until that point, I had given up on finding anything I'd like in local stores.

But really, the memories are great. I met some awesome girls, Aviva, Wendy, Le, Luci, and a lot of them I still keep in touch with to this day! 

Looking back on it, I was only seventeen when this meet-up happened, a freshman in college! Time has really flown by... It looks like the 4th anniversary of my first meet-up is fast-approaching too! This makes me want to do a little transformation timeline. *A* Alas, I am not at home right now with access to all my photos, so that is going to have to be saved for a later date.

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