Pumpkin Patch Meet + Tate's Comics

I met up with the local lolitas yet again for a fun meet-up for Halloween!

Again, I marked this as "travel" because it was the first time I went to a farmer's market like this that had a corn maze and tractor rides! I felt like I did everything that you're supposed to do on Halloween for once! =D I really want to frequent places like this in the future. I just wish it wasn't so hot. ;___;

I was going to go up the rock climbing wall they have there, but I ended up getting light-headed from standing out in the sun for nearly 20 minutes, so I needed to sit down and take a break, which really sucked. ;A; I wish the weather here would let up.

I ended up wearing an outfit pretty much inspired by; "the clashing colours of Halloween~" I wore orange, purple, and black with a tinge of pink. I really love the cute little pumpkin bonnet I purchased from Cute & Candy Clouds, it kept the sun out of my eyes too! To top it all off, I wore Sweetie Cake's newest creation, her Boo Bear cutsew~

Excuse how disheveled I look. ;A; I was running late that morning and had to drive an hour in my boyfriend's car, which I wasn't used to. Plus I just didn't secure my wig properly, so it was just falling all over the place. D= Next time I'm going to really pin it in place. This is what happens when I don't do an outfit test run beforehand!

Here is a picture of all the girls! It wasn't as big as our last meet-up, but it was still pretty sizable. The best part is that it was dog-friendly, so I brought Sora along dressed up as a penguin! Her pointy ears makes it really hard for the head of the penguin to stay up, so I just let her wear it without that part.

We went through the corn maze first because there was a giant line for everything else. It was kind of funny seeing all of the lolitas bobbing around through the corn field. Sora kept trying to eat the leaves and ended up getting an upset stomach later. Booo~

Next came the tractor ride! It was actually really great because it took a while, and the breeze from the tractor moving was so soothing.

One of the lolitas who attended brought her baby, and she made the funniest face while we were sitting on the tractor ride. Technically it was a hay ride, but as you can see from the picture below, there wasn't much hay around, so it was really clean.

Probably the best part of the whole day were these delicious Apple Cider Donuts I purchased from one of the stalls there. The owner makes them himself and its a family recipe! They were so soft and warm and absolutely perfect. I wish I bought more!

Afterwards, I went back home with two friends, one who was visiting from New Jersey for the weekend and wanted to check out Tate's Comics! I really love the place and am always sad I don't make it a point to visit them more often.

I didn't take too many photos of the inside of the store, but I love that now they've been stocking more vintage items. They also have awesome sculptures facing the outside, they're so great!

This is a vintage sheep squeak toy for sale. Absolutely adorable, it really has charm to it.

My friend and I taking some photos outside of the store, where you can see the creepy-cute faces facing the outside of the store. She made her adorable apron herself, and you can't really see them, but there are bats in the corner of it. I absolutely love it!

Here is my haul from Tate's! This isn't everything, I also bought a pair of Kyubey ears and an Akemi Homura keychain. The Moon Rod was such a steal, it's the American release, still in perfect working condition!

I was laughing at this because this was an Akemi Homura keychain I bought. I'm pretty sure 14-year-olds won't be harmed by a keychain, so I'm guessing its a typo. Then again, it could just be a joke about how girls over that age can't become magical girls, so they're safe now. =O

Kyubey says "Thanks for reading!" I'll post more about some of the things I bought from Tate's later.

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  1. aww I just love this outfit!!!You have epic t-shirt and all coord is great combinated.and I like ur sailor moon wand ^^


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