Hello Kitty meet-up + Kendallicious K Phone Case Review!

This is super picture heavy by the way, so don't say I didn't warn you. ;D

I went to my first lolita meet-up in about two and a half years and met a lot of awesome new girls and a couple of older acquaintances I met through the fashion! I had no idea the community in my area was so large, hopefully we can get together more in the future. I'm putting this under the "travel" tag because I did have to go an hour for this meet-up and I'd never been there before. Bwehehe--plus, with my lack of courage when it comes to driving, going an hour away on my own is like flying to the Bahamas for some reason.

I wore Baroque's Pearl Drops on Dry Flowers OP with the headdress and barrette that came with it. Long story short, I'm a little disappointed in it. The bustle in the back was made of mediocre material, and the waist ties are super useless. They button in the front, so I had to cover it up with a rose and one of the bows provided with the dress. >_> It's basically a dress that looks great in photos, but otherwise is kind of meh. The headdress was gorgeous though. I am usually not one for rectangular headdresses, but it looked absolutely fantastic, even when I wore it the more traditional way. I also like how it clipped on using a comb and two alligator clips vs. a ribbon tie, so it was more comfortable. The dress was also totally unlined at the top, which was nice for the weather where I live. Fabric was also pretty thin too. I really love the print of the dress, but I wish I didn't pay such a pretty penny for it because I don't think it was really worth it.

We went to a Hello Kitty party first--it's meant for little kids, but we still had a fun time. I discovered that there's a such thing as edible markers, so you can colour in a cookie frosted with white frosting like putting pen to paper! I had a bit too much fun with mine...

We also got to meet Hello Kitty! Look at our group, it was awesome~ I don't think I ever went to a meet-up with this many girls before, even in California. (Well, aside from the New People opening, but that was more of an event than a community gathering. People came from all over (including myself) for it!)

That's awesome Meggie! She made the famous confetti tights that I've worn before and many people own. I had no idea she was local to me. *A* Her DS case was too cool, she put an Angelic Pretty sticker on it and deco'd it with Swarovski crystals. I honestly thought it was a case AP released.

Moustache lolita crew--REPRESENT. I found pink moustaches in Claire's and split them with some of the girls. We look seeexy.

I made a .gif of one of the girls photo-bombing an outfit shot, hahah! She was great. o3o

Last but not least, a photo of Sora and I! I don't really like dressing up dogs, but I couldn't resist clipping some flowers to her collar that matched my dress!

Onto the review~

Kendallicious K has had cases that I have wanted to purchase forever, but have always been slightly out of budget. Last week though, she had a flash 50% sale, and I took it upon myself to order two of the cases I have admired for a month before anyone else got their hands on them!

It only took five days for this neat little box to appear in my mailbox after ordering my cases. I was totally stoked and couldn't wait to open it!

Inside was a little bit of purple tissue paper, and two well-wrapped cell phone cases. It took me forever to get them open. I also saw a pouch which included a free gift! WAO~

Everything all nice and out of the box.

The wrapping paper took a while for me to get off (which can only be a good thing), and I was greeted with a really sweet hand-written note thanking me for my purchase. I save all of these notes, they make me feel really great about supporting hand-made crafts!

All of them out of the bags! They look good enough to eat. Everything I received from the store had this amazing sweet aroma to it--kind of like a mix of vanilla and sugar. I have no idea if it is in the clay that was used, sprayed in the packaging, or what, but it smells divine.

The "Sweet Strawberry Teddy" case is soft and squishy, like a warm bun, and has strawberry sauce and whipped cream dripping off of the corner. I really love deco that is more focused in one corner over the other. 

The "Suggalump" deco case is much more over-the-top! I usually don't go for cases like these because I'm always too paranoid to carry them around, but everything is made out of a light foam-like material, which also makes it easier to carry. *A*

The front of the case for the sweet bun.

The camera is free to breathe! I discovered that the case itself--since it was so thick and high off the iPhone, would leave a teenie yellow line in the bottom left corner of photos I took with it. It wasn't that noticeable though, and was more to blame on the case that was used vs. the actual deco.

A photo of the "Suggalump" case from the side.

Quality: 3/5 -- When I received the cases, I saw little bits of damage on the deco parts made out of the foam clay--like lines and dents. In the photos on the Etsy store, none of those things were pictured, so I got in touch with the owner of the shoppe and she explained to me that she is discontinuing things made from that clay because apparently people who live in high humidity have been facing problems with them--and I am one of those people. Aside from that, everything else is solid and neatly made, there are no stray glue strings or messy areas at all. She also made it a note to say that she will not be using the same material in the future, so I'm excited to see what her new cases will look like. I'm a bit sad though, because the foam clay is no nice and lightweight, I hate to see it go.
Price: 4/5 -- I did buy these at 50% off, so they were very within my budget compared to a lot of deco cases. Overall though, even her regularly priced items are very good prices (around $40) for full-deco pieces like"Suggalump."
Shipping: 5/5 -- Cheap, fast, and effective. There's no combined shipping within the US though, so that made me a bit sad. I still gave it a five though because $10.20 for the great packaging inside seems worth it to me.


  1. Ahhh omg you are so cute! I know you think the dress is pretty mediocre, but it looks so perfect on you it's crazy. The color, the print, the design - despite how meh you are about it, you still looks so amazing. Augh you make me wanna get back into lolita SO BAD.

    1. >A< Thank you so much Kate! The colour is absolutely gorgeous, I have to agree with you. I just with the overall dress was made with more quality. =(

      You should totally just buy an outfit and see how you feel wearing it again! It's expensive, but there are so many indie brands out there now, you're bound to find something in your price range! *A* You are always welcome to raid my wardrobe if you are ever in the area too. =P

  2. you look gorgeous no matter what you wear! I can even stand my own reflection if I were to wear a pink lolita dress! I'm getting jelly! I got your letter today btw, and I sent one back too! ^^

    1. Eep, thank you! *A* This is actually my first pink lolita dress, believe it or not. So strange that with my love of sweet lolita, I managed to avoid the colour this well. =O

      And wow!! The post was faster than I thought it would be!! I can't wait to receive your letter. =OOO I need to buy little goodies to mail out with them~

  3. Replies
    1. Thanks! I will be lining up some special surprises for my readers, so if you liked this case, you'll definitely like what's coming up!

  4. such lovely pictures~ I really like your phone cases, they look so yummy om nom nom +u+

    1. Thank you very much! *A* They smell so delicious too, ahh~

  5. This dress is so gorgeous. I almost bought it but chickened out at the last minute on account of the horror stories with the brand ;; Glad to see it turned out well though!

    1. Thank you! It's a really gorgeous dress. *A* I'm glad I bought it second-hand because I didn't really have to deal with the brand--I knew the dress was already made and ready to be shipped when I paid. =) From my understanding though, Baroque has really improved since they stopped being affiliated with the factory that printed Lief's stuff. *A* I have two of Lief's items too, Aster Café and Sacred Night, and I honestly think their quality is better--although the drama was a lot worse.

    2. Oh that's really fortunate! Good to know they've improved. I'm going to keep an eye on the second hand market too.

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  7. Never be in a hurry. Sure, you may find lots of 1$ offers with free delivery. Believe me, this is a total waste of money. As a rule, such cases are not "skin tight", i.e. odds are that a cell phone will simply slip out one day.



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