I love DAISO!

I've been focusing on "cute-ing" up my living space~ These are some of the things I've collected on my travels this past year to make my bathroom a more adorable place to be in. I purchased a rabbit ear towel band to keep my hair back when I wash my face and a Rilakkuma contact lens case while I was in London earlier this year, and picked up a handy pink pumice and adorable "panda rabbit" bath sponge at Daiso this past week.

The best part about visiting my hometown in California is all the amazing Asian stores around. I always go on spending frenzies (regrettably) and stock up on enough adorable things for the rest of the year, since I don't get to come by so often.

Since I finally am moving into a large enough place, I'm going crazy planning how I'm going to decorate my space, and DAISO is a great option for those who want to cut costs but still get something really adorable. For those of you who don't know, it's a chain more prevalent on the West Coast--and it's basically a Japanese dollar store!

So now to blog about what I purchased from there this past week~

Here are some of the things I purchased for the kitchen! Three bento boxes total, one small blue floral one for when I'm not so hungry, a larger strawberry one, and a black one for my boyfriend's lunches. I also got these two adorable collapsible food covers (they're near the top of the photo) in light blue and cream. They're great since I'm planning on eating outside on the balcony more often, and I don't want bugs landing on my food.

I also took the plunge and finally purchased some long chopsticks for when I'm cooking foods with more oil to reduce splatter, and some cheap plastic bowls and a cup to go with the overall red theme for my kitchen. The heart bowl is generally used for washing, and I desperately needed a new bowl to use for my face steamers (which I'll blog about next time).

Here are things I bought for the "room" plus one kitchen thing I forgot to picture. Two pink lace "café" curtains for my bedroom, three sets of fluffy pants to wear at night (and one skirt bandeau), some cute striped foldable slippers that even come with a handy bag, hair bows, and the cutest one of all (pictured at the top right) are flower and heart rice shapers for bento!

AND GUESS WHAT?? Everything pictured here was $1.50!! DIRT CHEAP, and adorable too!!

Since we're on the topic of cute things I've purchased this trip for my life, here are some photos from my Tumblr:

I love all things Jewel Pets!! I bought some stationary, little food cases, pencil, and a pencil case. I also purchased a Little Twin Stars tape dispenser, but I think that was after this photo was taken so I don't have one just yet.

A couple more things for bento boxes that I purchased from Tokyo Japanese Lifestyle--cute wing picks (they remind me of Cardcaptor Sakura), wiener shapers, and some Gachapin collectives and hair stuff.

Hope you enjoyed reading!!

P.S. I posted a look earlier today, please Hype if you like what you see. =) Click through for the link.


  1. I love Daiso too! How do they manage to sell such cute items for so cheap!! I always end up buying things I didn't even know I wanted.


    1. Same here! I have way too much stuff now, I don't know what to do with most of it! I'm checking your blog out now by the way~ Thanks for stopping by!


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