Cawaii Wishlist + Two Photos from London!

Thanks to Zeruda, I am now completely hooked on the mori-girl look of Rakuten-based store Cawaii! The look and feel of the clothes is just so comfortable and really reminds me of the kinds of clothes Momoko Tokyo sold. Here are some photos of the store front and the inside that I took while I was there this past March in London~

It was an absolutely gorgeous store filled to the brim with soft colours.

But on to the main topic of this post, what I currently can't get enough of from Cawaii!

The delicate spray of tattoo-like stars on these tights are just such a gorgeous touch to an outfit. I especially want this pair because I normally live in a very hot climate, and most tights are just too thick for me to wear relatively often. I usually end up wearing them when I know I'm going out at night--but during the day it's just impossible.

Another pair of tights I just love! These are actually leggings I believe--but the vertical pattern is super flattering and elegant.

Now onto actual clothes!

Lately, I haven't been able to turn away a good slouchy top. I believe I have purchased about three or four in the past year alone, but the lace on the top is just so darling.

I nearly purchased a pair of full-length pants from Forever21 that utilised this same pattern, but decided against it because they were just so oddly shaped and didn't really suit my figure. These shorts seem like they'd be a better fit for me though, but I'm a tad nervous to buy them because generally I have to try on pants/shorts since some just look a lot better in photos.

Last but not least--this is probably my favourite item in the whole store!! I have completely fallen in love for salopettes, and this one is just so cute and baggy--it also looks extremely comfortable! Again, I'm feeling a bit nervous because sometimes these kinds of clothes just don't suit me once I try them on--but they look so adorable. Plus I can DIY some sort of cute applique on them too~

Overall, this store was a great find, I really want to purchase a lot of the things I saw on the store, these were just my top picks. *A* I've been trying to get more stuff for my pop-cute wardrobe, but I always end up drifting back to a mori-girl feel, maybe I'm growing up and out of super bright colours now. Part of me keeps forcing myself back into it though because I still have a huge love for bright colours and Fairy-kei, and I really am not that old... But alas stores like Cawaii usually have me drooling.

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